Thursday, January 5, 2012

We'll Start From the Very Beginning

I couldn't figure out how to start blogging about our trip because, let's face it, flash on a camera is not the most flattering thing and the first picture taken on our trip was this beauty.  Haha.  Yet, I commence...
 Our trip officially kicked off with a night spent in Las Vegas.  Our flight was leaving at 6am, so we decided a night's stay in LV was a need, not a want.  We ate at The Cheesecake Factory (LOVE those lettuce wraps) and walked around on the Strip for a while, and "when in Rome"... you gotta watch the Bellagio water show.
Vacationing with Colter & Tara Criddle proved to be so much fun.  I did miss some of our other buddies though.  Wouldn't it be fun to plan a mega road trip with as many friends as we could?

Our early morning sunrise while on the plane.

Somehow we figured out how to get to our hotel.  I seriously do not remember anything besides the guy at Starbucks saying to take the F line that has a stop about a block away in the middle of the street.
(Whatever that was supposed to mean...)

We stayed in Fishermans Wharf so we got there, unloaded our bags, and took a walk.

We stopped in at Boudin for breakfast.  The sourdough french toast was delish.  Probably only my family knows how I really don't like french toast, but anything made with sourdough bread is infinitely better and I was happy to eat it!  (We ate at Boudin every day we were there, I think... thanks for the recommendation Ballard's!)  Check out that loaf of bread shaped like a crab.

Once we were properly nourished, we headed to Chinatown.  
We just wandered the streets for hours, bought a few things and had a great time.  
I couldn't get enough of the colors and textures that could be found everywhere. 
 For some reason I found the "Quiet Through Tunnel" sign to be amusing.

This is where we ate lunch.  The yummiest Chinese food I've eaten in my whole life (so far)...
Except for pot stickers ala Ronnie.  Those were delish.

I think I need to practice taking hill shots.  This image does NOT give the incline of this hill justice.  It was steep.  As was most of the city.  That was one thing I loved about San Francisco.  You could see the entire city... all of its charm... in one glance because it all went up, up, up.  (Colby had to book it up and down a few of these huge hills in search of a bathroom.  That was pretty funny.)

I really loved the sea of color that was in Chinatown, and the hustle and bustle of it all.  
I could have done without the smells though.  Some of those sidewalk markets were stinky!

When we were done there we caught a cable car and headed home.  
This would be our only time riding one.  
Funny story on that topic to come later...

Wednesday night we went over to Ghiradelli Square as we were instructed to do by anyone that has ever been to San Francisco.  It was only a couple blocks from our hotel and I'm wondering now why we didn't go there more!  The hot chocolate there was honestly the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted.   Mmm, mmm, mmmm....

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  1. Looks like you guys had a BLAST on your trip! I love all your pictures, makes me have a small glimpse as to what you guys were able to see.