Saturday, March 24, 2012

Marshall is playing soccer!

Marshall has played in two games so far and seems to really enjoy playing soccer.  He has a pretty good understanding of what's going on out there.  His first game was so funny to watch.  He was very focused and worked really hard to get in the middle of whatever he could.  At one point he was so focused that we started wondering if he was about to start crying because he was frustrated, but that wasn't the case at all.  He was just working hard.  I was able to get some pictures of a couple different times that he took over the ball and had a little fun.  I got a good laugh out of how solid he is.  Before the game he was warming up with his teammates and there is a boy on his team that is much bigger than him and the two of them were going for the ball and the taller kid kind of lowered his shoulder into Marshall and Marshall just stood firm and the other kid was the one that bounced off.  

Look how solid and totally cute this kid is!

He was cracking me up during half time and while he was taking a turn on the sidelines for the 3rd quarter.  The oranges got him all sticky and he kept clenching his fists together and then quickly letting go as he watched his skin stick together from all the orange juice that was all over him.  That's what he was doing in this picture and then again later while he was out on the field playing.  Haha.

Here he is as his first game came to an end.  I think the smiles show it was a success.

(I love how his face just lit up while he talked to Colby about his game...)
 The game ended in a tie and Marshall seemed totally pleased.  When I asked him, he said he only had a little bit of fun because he was sooooooo tired.  (That was a lot of running for this cute little boy, but he loves it!)

These pics are from his second game that he had this morning.  Here he is giving his coach a high five after they scored one time.  Today they won like 5-0 or something.  I'm glad to see that Marshall isn't too obsessed with whether his team wins or loses.  He really just has fun!  He scored a goal today which was super cute.  I was a slacker and didn't have the video camera out though... I kept thinking I ought to pick it up and start filming and then sure enough, he scored!  He had better reactions after his teammates scored though, he'd kind of pump his fists and do a little celebratory kick.  What a silly...
He even has a good time while he sits on the sidelines.  Today he was being silly with one of his friends and they were making farting sounds on their arms.  Goofy little boys!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Loving Life

Marshall, Karter, Brady, Brigham, & Tyler
I love this small town where we live.  
I love that Great Gma & Gpa live only a couple blocks from Gma & Gpa so the boys could travel in style.
I love that my kids get to enjoy some of the things I did when I was a child, even though modern codes of conduct and societal acceptance would generally say otherwise... all thanks to our special small town.  
I love the adventurous spirits these kids have and how simple things can get them so excited.  
I love family time.  
I love my boys.  
I love this wonderful life we have.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Marshall has been learning about dinosaurs at school this month and he's been super curious about all things dinosaurs.  One day he asked me where they lived on the earth and I told him, "everywhere."  He quickly clarified, "No Mom.  Like where on the earth."  Then it hit me!  We have dinosaur tracks here in Southern Utah so I told him they used to live right here! right where we live!  He thought that was pretty cool.  So cool that he almost couldn't stand it.  Then Colby told him there are numerous tracks here in Southern Utah and that we would go exploring them!  So the next Monday night we got Colby's family together (well most of it...) and went exploring.

Here's Marshall and Tyler sitting right by one of the footprints.

Marshall's hand inside the track...  He thought this was seriously so cool!

The four of us by the tracks...

Group shot!  
It was so fun hanging out with the fam.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy birthday!!!

Colby is pretty much the most super, awesome dude EVER, so this year for his birthday I wanted to throw him a party.  I thought it was completely necessary considering this will be the first of his eternal birthday, he turned 29!!!  He's certainly a blessed individual... he had a great group of friends that he grew up with and almost all of them still live nearby and are all still very special to us.  I started to invite his closest pals of the past and quickly realized they would overflow our house for the intimate dinner I envisioned.  So I went to the next best thing... Oscars!  We love Oscars.  Any excuse to head up to Springdale for a meal at Oscars is all it takes for us.  I got ahold of Colter (Tara's hubby) to see if he wanted to work together on this party since Tara has the same birthday and he was game for it.  We told the birthday kids we were headed to our favorite restaurant... just the four of us.  Wasn't it fun to surprise them with this!  Everyone had these faces up and it was funny to watch Colby & Tara's reactions to the surprise get together.

Here's some shots of all the friends that could make it.
Outdoor heaters cast the most flattering red glow... don't you think?
There were a few of our buds that couldn't make it and loads more friends that we've made in the last 10 years or so that will have to come to a future bash... (our lawn in the backyard is getting put in this month and I'm picturing many a party happening back there!)

I just want Colby to know how much he means to me and what a blessing he is in my life.  
He is my greatest friend and supporter and works so hard for our family.  
I love you, birthday boy!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Soccer Started!

Marshall is a happy boy these days!  All in the same week he started Show Choir and got registered for soccer and t-ball.  He got to start choir right away but had to wait about a month for soccer to start.  T-ball will be here in April... we are all pretty excited about all of this, actually.

Last Thursday was Marshall's first soccer practice and he was so excited.  He was totally happy to get the camera out and document the moment...

Check out these darling little cleats.  Marshall has a very special place for them in his closet and he loves them.

Once he got them on he couldn't wait to give them a test drive and run all around until it was time to get in the car to head to practice.

His first practice was oh, so funny to watch.  He did really well at doing what he was asked and took it all pretty seriously.  Except for when he'd get distracted and stare up at the sky and get "lost in the clouds."  It's a pretty funny thing watching someone introduce soccer to a bunch of preschool and kindergarten age kids.  I can't wait for their first game.  Haha.

At this point of practice they had completely lost sight of the goals and were just running all over the humongous field at the Intermediate School.  Like I said... their first game... hahahaha... it's going to be great.

Some memorable moments:
Marshall is totally fascinated by his shin guards.  He asked me about so many possible scenarios just to be sure the shin guards would still be able to protect him.  The first thing he told me after practice was that no one even kicked him in the leg.

He knows you never touch the ball with your hands.  He spent the first part of practice running everywhere with his hands in his pockets so he never even came close to touching the ball with his hands.

He's very good at throwing the ball in bounds.

He can tell you that he learned to always chase after the ball after you kick it.  
I hope it clicks and he puts that "rule" into action.

When I asked him if practice had been fun he said it was even more fun than he thought it was going to be... and I was pretty sure he was thinking it would be the funnest day of his life, so it must have been great!