Monday, March 5, 2012

Soccer Started!

Marshall is a happy boy these days!  All in the same week he started Show Choir and got registered for soccer and t-ball.  He got to start choir right away but had to wait about a month for soccer to start.  T-ball will be here in April... we are all pretty excited about all of this, actually.

Last Thursday was Marshall's first soccer practice and he was so excited.  He was totally happy to get the camera out and document the moment...

Check out these darling little cleats.  Marshall has a very special place for them in his closet and he loves them.

Once he got them on he couldn't wait to give them a test drive and run all around until it was time to get in the car to head to practice.

His first practice was oh, so funny to watch.  He did really well at doing what he was asked and took it all pretty seriously.  Except for when he'd get distracted and stare up at the sky and get "lost in the clouds."  It's a pretty funny thing watching someone introduce soccer to a bunch of preschool and kindergarten age kids.  I can't wait for their first game.  Haha.

At this point of practice they had completely lost sight of the goals and were just running all over the humongous field at the Intermediate School.  Like I said... their first game... hahahaha... it's going to be great.

Some memorable moments:
Marshall is totally fascinated by his shin guards.  He asked me about so many possible scenarios just to be sure the shin guards would still be able to protect him.  The first thing he told me after practice was that no one even kicked him in the leg.

He knows you never touch the ball with your hands.  He spent the first part of practice running everywhere with his hands in his pockets so he never even came close to touching the ball with his hands.

He's very good at throwing the ball in bounds.

He can tell you that he learned to always chase after the ball after you kick it.  
I hope it clicks and he puts that "rule" into action.

When I asked him if practice had been fun he said it was even more fun than he thought it was going to be... and I was pretty sure he was thinking it would be the funnest day of his life, so it must have been great!

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  1. Cute! I can't wait until Blake is old enough for sports!