Thursday, January 31, 2013

January on Instagram

  1. I was sure she wasn't big enough to sit in her Bumbo, but Macy showed me wrong when Daddy put her in it and she loved it.  She wasn't even 8 weeks old yet.
  2. Macy with her brand new cousin, Harper.  We have one big girl.
  3. I'm getting ambitious and am making Macy's bedding.  This was my inspiration, and a glimpse of my scrap pile.
  4. My first headband that I made for Macy.  Until now, I had been content just buying them...
  5. Cute tiny moccasins from Gma Stratton.
  6. Sweet sleeping girl right before her first shots.
  7. A fun little family pic at one of Carly's basketball games at The Y.
  8. I love baby girl clothes.  That is all.
  9. I cut a ga-jillion of these little triangles to make the bumper pad for the crib.  It turned out so cute!!

  1. Two months old, size six month clothes.
  2. Marshall was running the Mini Ex on his own.  It was so cute!
  3. Making friends with Hello Kitty.
  4. I thought it was funny when I opened the cubby in the truck and found all of life's essentials; bullets, George Strait, sunscreen, B of M, gloves, a lighter and some feminine products.  Haha.
  5. Macy's eyes were looking very blue on this day... it was impossible to capture with the camera.
  6. 11 weeks old and she figured out rolling over!  Unreal.
  7. I can't remember the exact reason why I posted this picture, but this man is my one and only.  I love him!!!
  8. This girl kills me.  She's so cute and has a funny little personality.  She was keeping me from getting to the gym because when she was supposed to be eating she was smiling and talking to me instead.
  9. I loved these pics of Megan and Tyler.  Too fun.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!
Please excuse Macy from these pictures.  She was sleeping.  
Besides, I'm pretty sure I've made up for leaving her out of this with all of my pics of her on Instagram.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Letters to Santa

I had the kids dictate their letters to Santa to me and I thought it was hilarious to see what they had to say to the Jolly Man.  I actually have their dictation on video and I condensed their "um... uh..."'s into their letters.  That was so perfect because I got to sit and watch it over and over; their cute little faces as their brains tried to remember everything they wanted were priceless.

Here's Marshall's.

Here's Tyler's.
Tyler had first only asked for a new workbench because their's was a tiny bit broken.  I told him not to waste a request on something like that because Daddy could fix it.  So then he asked Santa for Daddy to fix their workbench.  My sweet boy...