Friday, September 28, 2012

Crazy Day!!!

This kid was so excited about today's outfit.  He has had his heart set on wearing these glasses all week and last night we miraculously pulled something together.  He found the hat and shiny red shirt and insisted they be a part of the outfit, but from there we couldn't come up with anything else.  After a little conversation we pulled in some extra colors besides red and he was practically giddy when he saw it all laid out when it was time to get dressed.

We knew we wanted a cape, but couldn't find one that was just right.  I decided to make one last night (thanks to a super easy idea from Pinterest) and of all the colors of the rainbow he wanted purple... because that's Ms. Karen-Jane's favorite color and he wanted to make her happy.  What a sweetie.  This morning I was informed it needed stripes and a star, so there we go!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Party Animal

Today the kids were supposed to wear their uniforms but incorporate any kind of animal print accessories into their celebration of Spirit Week.  I could not convince Marshall that less is more.  He told me, "we did not borrow all of these things from Aunt Michelle to keep them, or leave them at home, but to wear them."  I couldn't argue with that... so here we see the chicken hat (a must!), a leopard print bandana, and cheetah print vest & arm band.  I love this kid's enthusiasm.  They were also invited to bring their "pets" from home.  So here we see "Monkey Bars" and "Mousey."

Tyler has gotten tired of being left out of Marshall's daily pictures, so here's a special keepsake of these two cute brothers.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not sure why I want to remember this.

Journaling moment.

When I wake up tomorrow I will have six weeks left until this sweet baby girl is supposed to be here.  This last week has brought plenty of "lovely" things to my life and for some reason I think I need to document them.

I have more ugly varicose veins popping up.  I only had one coming into this pregnancy.  On my inner right ankle... now I have another patch forming a little below that one on my inner foot that is just spreading and growing and I discovered an ugly patch of veins on my outer thigh.  My legs (well everything from the knee down) have been swollen since Saturday with only 2 hours (tops!) of relief.  Once I'm up out of bed it only takes a handful of minutes for the swelling to return.  Sunday I had to take off my wedding ring, and even my fake one that I wore while pregnant with Marshall is too small.  I seem to have a continual headache.  Last night I think I somehow rolled onto my stomach and slept that way for a bit... I woke up feeling like someone punched me in the gut and it took a little while for it to wear off.  I think today was my last workout at the gym... that makes me sad.  A good turbo kick class was just the thing to get my body feeling strong and help my emotions level out.  Today it wasn't really even fun.  My stomach just stayed continually contracted and it wouldn't relax at all.  I was kind of glad to begin class with a reason to have to leave 15 minutes early because I would have wanted to quit that whole last part, for sure.  Unrelated to today's class at the gym, but who knows why, I seem to have almost pulled a muscle in my groin.  I say almost because it isn't really pulled, but it is definitely strained.  How did I do that?

I'm not looking for sympathy.  I really just felt like I needed to record this... so it was available for comparison in the future.  Since this will all be repeated again, no doubt.

Now don't you worry.  I'm still feeling blessed as ever and look forward to finishing this out strong.  Believe me.  When I thought about what it would be like to have this baby early, I had a minor panic attack.  (I've yet to start nesting.  It would be nice to experience that any day now...)  I'd like to keep cooking her for another 4-6 weeks, for sure!

Little Hippie

Today was retro day.  
Figuring out something for a 5 year old boy is nearly impossible I tell you... but we managed.
I found a lot of great inspiration, but on a tight budget and an even tighter schedule, I was at my wits end.  A couple people told me an easy way to create bell bottoms, but I didn't want to ruin the pants... so I just sewed the thighs of his pants a little tighter and crossed my fingers.  I'll unpick it when he gets home.  Luckily tie-dye is pretty "in" right now and he had this shirt from the summer.  Grandma & Aunt Michelle pulled through with the rest of the accessories.  I was afraid it was coming together a little schizophrenically with the Bob Marley hat and a bunch of nonsense for the rest, but it worked!

More inspiration for future boy retro costumes...
Marty McFly
Saved by the Bell
MC Hammer
80s basketball player
maybe even Top Gun

We just need to collect some high top sneakers, tight fitting pants, graphic tees, and long socks.
That's everything trendy these days.  
That was another part of my problem.  
I wanted it to look like we tried to dress up instead of just make the most of the day that uniforms were not required.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hahaha. Ha. Ha.

Moving on with Spirit Week at Marshall's school, today is nerd day, and the rest of the week will include retro day, party animals (animal print accessories), and crazy day (hair, clothes, anything).

Isn't he the most darling little nerd?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Spirit Week

We started the week with Pajama Day.  Marshall wanted to wear the jammies he had worn to bed the night before, but while eating breakfast he dropped his bagel and covered his shirt with jam.  So I used my tricky ways and pulled these new PJs out of a secret spot and Marshall was happy to wear his new Perry the Platypus pajamas.  (Marshall LOVES new clothes.)  His ensemble was complete with slippers and all.

Out Of The Blue

This last weekend I had the chance to help photograph an engagement.  One of the guys that works for Colby (who is distantly related and has been dating a family friend from our ward) had planned to propose to his girlfriend with a flash mob.  It was so cute and I was so excited to get to witness it and capture some of it in pictures.  It was on a Saturday that Colby was working and most of our regular babysitters (like the WHOLE family) was busy, so I took the boys with me out to Tuacahn where it was all happening.  I was really glad Megan could come along and help me out.  She entertained them while I worked and entertained me on the drive as we drove back and forth across the county.

The kids wouldn't leave until they got a chance to have their picture taken in the Aladdin caricature.  (That night was a Hairspray performance so Aladdin's side of the photo op was not busy.)
Surely no picture taking is complete with these kids before we get a silly picture too.  I sure love them.

And so, another season at Tuacahn has come and gone before we could watch one of their great plays. We've missed Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, Grease, and more.  Maybe next summer we'll be on the ball.  I hear they're presenting Mary Poppins!  I really hope to make that happen.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Let me have a moment...

I'm still wishy-washy on the baby name topic.  So today I start thinking I am settled on a name... and instead of just being content I decide to Google it.  (Hindsight=dumb.)

Everything I read is making me more annoyed with the world... I still like the name, but intentional "creative" spellings and odd reviews from gals with the name are putting a bad taste in my mouth.  Oh, and how many people I have now learned about that use it as a dog's name.  I realize I can't let the pet name trend ruin it for me, but come on!  I needed something to encourage me, not muddy the waters.  From now on I will avoid Google on big decisions.  :)

And another thing.
Who makes up the meanings for names anyway?  Some I can completely understand how their name actually holds a meaning.  Especially when you see the same "definition" in every place you look.  And then there is the "one in fifty" definitions- in fifty sources you find the same general information except for that one here and there that throws in a new interpretation.  This name I think I like has one of those... which I normally would balk at and move on because the meaning seems basically made up.  But I like this one.  And it may be the only thing that keeps it in high standing with me today (after having read all the nonsense google thought I wanted to read).  
.enduring; happy and upbeat.

But seriously, I think I might just make up my own answers when my kids come home from school with the assignment to find out what their name means, because I'm pretty sure somebody at that random google result website just did it.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ever Feel Like This?

Dear God,
Thank you for this beautiful life.
Forgive me if I don't love it enough.