Friday, September 21, 2012

Let me have a moment...

I'm still wishy-washy on the baby name topic.  So today I start thinking I am settled on a name... and instead of just being content I decide to Google it.  (Hindsight=dumb.)

Everything I read is making me more annoyed with the world... I still like the name, but intentional "creative" spellings and odd reviews from gals with the name are putting a bad taste in my mouth.  Oh, and how many people I have now learned about that use it as a dog's name.  I realize I can't let the pet name trend ruin it for me, but come on!  I needed something to encourage me, not muddy the waters.  From now on I will avoid Google on big decisions.  :)

And another thing.
Who makes up the meanings for names anyway?  Some I can completely understand how their name actually holds a meaning.  Especially when you see the same "definition" in every place you look.  And then there is the "one in fifty" definitions- in fifty sources you find the same general information except for that one here and there that throws in a new interpretation.  This name I think I like has one of those... which I normally would balk at and move on because the meaning seems basically made up.  But I like this one.  And it may be the only thing that keeps it in high standing with me today (after having read all the nonsense google thought I wanted to read).  
.enduring; happy and upbeat.

But seriously, I think I might just make up my own answers when my kids come home from school with the assignment to find out what their name means, because I'm pretty sure somebody at that random google result website just did it.


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  2. OK This is Colleen before i commented on Kelsey"s name. Just wanted to tell you how cute I think your picture on the top of the page is. What a cute little family.