Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not sure why I want to remember this.

Journaling moment.

When I wake up tomorrow I will have six weeks left until this sweet baby girl is supposed to be here.  This last week has brought plenty of "lovely" things to my life and for some reason I think I need to document them.

I have more ugly varicose veins popping up.  I only had one coming into this pregnancy.  On my inner right ankle... now I have another patch forming a little below that one on my inner foot that is just spreading and growing and I discovered an ugly patch of veins on my outer thigh.  My legs (well everything from the knee down) have been swollen since Saturday with only 2 hours (tops!) of relief.  Once I'm up out of bed it only takes a handful of minutes for the swelling to return.  Sunday I had to take off my wedding ring, and even my fake one that I wore while pregnant with Marshall is too small.  I seem to have a continual headache.  Last night I think I somehow rolled onto my stomach and slept that way for a bit... I woke up feeling like someone punched me in the gut and it took a little while for it to wear off.  I think today was my last workout at the gym... that makes me sad.  A good turbo kick class was just the thing to get my body feeling strong and help my emotions level out.  Today it wasn't really even fun.  My stomach just stayed continually contracted and it wouldn't relax at all.  I was kind of glad to begin class with a reason to have to leave 15 minutes early because I would have wanted to quit that whole last part, for sure.  Unrelated to today's class at the gym, but who knows why, I seem to have almost pulled a muscle in my groin.  I say almost because it isn't really pulled, but it is definitely strained.  How did I do that?

I'm not looking for sympathy.  I really just felt like I needed to record this... so it was available for comparison in the future.  Since this will all be repeated again, no doubt.

Now don't you worry.  I'm still feeling blessed as ever and look forward to finishing this out strong.  Believe me.  When I thought about what it would be like to have this baby early, I had a minor panic attack.  (I've yet to start nesting.  It would be nice to experience that any day now...)  I'd like to keep cooking her for another 4-6 weeks, for sure!

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