Saturday, July 25, 2009

Packing boxes as furniture... looks good at our house.

Maybe if I put my feelings out into the universe something good will come of it. We have yet to close on our house and it is starting to drive me crazy. Every couple of days it is the same story..."We've got everything in they asked for. We're just waiting for the paper work to come through so we can sign." And each morning I get a call from a very frustrated loan officer "...they seem to have made up some need to see this or that or the other thing..." It is starting to drive me crazy. So now that my pantry and food storage is packed up and the fridge is slowly emptying (I refuse to go to the store until we move) we will be found eating at everyone else's house until the blessed day comes. Oh yeah, we're not holding our breaths either.

Next to pack, the bathroom essentials.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy (late) Independence Day!

First things first. I know when you beautiful girls found in this picture see this... you're going to be very angry. Sorry, but what a cute fam we are a part of. I had to share.

Colby's sisters had the best idea to tie-dye shirts for us girlies to wear in honor of the 4th then quickly realized the little boys needed them too. The big boys said they would be ok without them. We tried to understand.
Aren't these shirts too cute. Instead of messy buckets of dye we used spray paint... a perfect way for us perfectionists to get the color and pattern just right.

I also gotta say... I love this free country we live in. We get so many opportunities... I pray our freedoms can stay in tact for many years to come.

Good Times

Seeing as how it's been almost a whole month since I last posted...there is so much I want to share. Hence, multiple posts in one afternoon.
Now, a little background. Marshall loves to swim. He loves to jump off the diving board. He seems to have no fear... he was cliff jumping at the river with Daddy just the other day. BUT, when you try to have Marshall play with any floating device without being held i.e. noodles, life jackets, etc. he freaks out. Then he surprised us all when he took his old baby floaty and enjoyed a little solo time hanging out.

I couldn't resist this ultra strange picture of his cute little toes. Good times in the pool.

Tyler's First Time

The weather (and timing) was finally perfect, so we suited Tyler up and jumped in the pool. He loved every second of it and looked totally adorable while doing it. And yes, you are looking at one of the few pics of Tyler's million smiles. They usually take up his whole face... I love this little boy!
I seem to think that miniature flip flops are 100% cuter than the adult version.