Monday, June 28, 2010

Family time makes me happy.

As I try to juggle the many hats I wear during the summertime, I've been reminded to re-evaluate my priorities. While I sit here typing, I am smiling... watching Tyler fling a bag of cereal through the air... miraculously NOT spilling it everywhere. Some is finding its way to the ground, but not enough to stop him. It seems that a "clean" house has neared the bottom of the list- right next to wearing make up, blow drying my hair, and baking- while spending "family time" remains at the top. I've really enjoyed adding "documenting other families' time" to my list through this new business.
I love the way it connects me with so many wonderful people. Like this beautiful Mommy. We've known each other since grade school and I was humbled when she asked me to capture some sweet moments of her and her family.

These are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy.

Friday, June 25, 2010


This little man has been missing out on the love on this blog lately. I was looking over it and it would almost seem I didn't have a 3 year old that made every day the funnest day ever.
He is a giant helper. A couple days ago he helped me sweep and mop. He is the official bug thrower-awayer. He even ties my shoes. Check out this knot. There's no way I'd be losing my shoe if I let him do this when I was wearing them.
He's always cracking me up. He has an infectious enthusiasm for EVERY thing. "Look Mom! That is a huge, weird bug." "Mom! Look! My body has bones!" "This next weeky (weekend) we will go 'or-wheelin' and go down the huge mountains and go really, really faster!" "Mom! I missed you!" (which is the same whether I've been gone 20 minutes or 5 hours) "We are 'drowing (growing) ummadeez (some of these) and ummadeez. They will be tomatoes and peppers. And we will use them to make salsa."
He loves to play and loves to pester his brother. He is sooooo in need of someone he can just wrestle and play tough with. I feel like every other time I open my mouth I'm saying something like, "don't crash people," "please don't smash him," or "when he cries, that means he doesn't like that. If you make him cry one more time you'll be going to the time-out chair."
It looks like he's a nice brother, you say? Well, this is a little more than just a kind, helping hand. He is rushing Tyler along... not exactly wanting to push him down... just sharing some of this enthusiasm for the slides they had been playing on.

But he really is a doll. He's such a sweetie and always telling us "I love you!" He got to start swimming lessons with me this last week. I was really worried about it the last few weeks that I'd really want to teach him, but that having me be his teacher wouldn't really work. But once I realized my beginner class was the best behaved group of 3 and 4 year olds, I knew I had to get Marshall in that kind of class situation so he could see how he really should behave. He loves it. He's still pretty timid, but he thinks its cool to practice his Superman and Rocketships and loves to go on train adventures around the edge of the pool. I'm so proud of him for being a good sport even though we take him out of his comfort zone. He puts his face in the water like a champ.

While I've been teaching he's spent his mornings at Miss Heidi's house playing and playing and playing. I was SUPER worried that poor Heidi would throw in the towel after the first day because Marshall can be kinda stubborn and doesn't always like strangers to help him. But Monday was the best day Marshall has ever had in his entire life. I'm not kidding you. He was polite and patient and sweet the whole rest of the day. I truly was expecting him to act out wishing for more attention from me after I was gone from him all morning. But then again, he never ceases to amaze me. And infect me. With his sweetness and fun.

I love you Marshall Boy.
"Pepper on... trees." Good times :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For the Daddy

Happy Father's Day!
your dirty little children and their hot mama

P.S. You are the best daddy in the whole world!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last weekend I was able to attend a workshop put on by none other than my incredible mentor and friend, Tonya. She styled the shoots in true Tonya Joy fashion and I wish I could do it over and over again. I picked up on some incredible tips for making this business more conducive to the life of a mommy and I left with a renewed confidence and passion for this work that I do.
I was also reminded of a time when I wished I could have lived when my grandparents were growing up- during the years that everyone looked like this gorgeous family. Red lipstick and all.
And then I was treated to this bridal shoot complete with such unique flare...
... and a bride who's legs would NOT quit!
The experience was everything I imagined it to be. And more. Thanks T. Now don't worry... I have so many more gorgeous images to share with you. I can't wait!

And for anyone who's still drooling over this like I am, I hear there's another workshop in the works for later this summer. *sigh* How I wish I could be there.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's a GIRL!

First off, sorry. I could NOT resist the temptation of the title of this post. It sounded so funny in my head... I better start by dispelling any rumors I, myself, may have just started. There are no girls scheduled to arrive in our family any time soon. No babies whatsoever. :) Now please enjoy this little princess that I have gladly welcomed to my blog.
Little Lacey is stealing my heart.
And my big boy Marshall's heart too. This is the little baby that made Marshall say, "I like that baby" a few weeks ago.
What a happy little doll she is.
I'm still trying to decide who she gets her preciousness from. Mom or Dad? I'm having a hard time describing any Dad as precious, so I'm gonna go with Mom on this one.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hunky Chunky Baby

That's right! Another month has gone by and my little buddy Taft is getting old(er).
I tried something new with this first picture. I'm working on finding my personal editing style... Taft makes a wonderful subject to practice with.

I cannot get enough of these cheeks! and his big muscles! You're such a big, cute boy T.

Seems like I can't get away from at least one picture of Taft's mommy in our sessions. A baby boy with his mom is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. I might have a biased opinion :), its hard to tell.

Oh man!

So, the other day I was discussing multi-tasking with another busy mommy. We had both read/heard something to the effect that multi-tasking is counter-productive/ineffective. We were laughing about the fact that though it may be true, its the only way we get anything done. Well, I must have needed to learn a lesson about slowing down.

I was doing bills this afternoon and had some tasks to take care of once I was finished. I got the boys in the truck to head to the city office, post office, then grocery store. Once on the road, I called the bank to sort out a confusing deposit situation and headed to drop off my utility bill. Once I dropped it in the box, I went to the post office to drop my mortgage payment in the mail. As I reached out to the drop box I realized I was about to put my payment to the city into the mail box. Then I realized I had just dropped off my house payment at the city office payment drop box. Whoops.

So I headed back to pay my bill and kindly asked the city employee to please empty their drop box so I could get my mail out of it. She was happy to help and I was on my way. Only to miss the post office's closing time by minutes... about the time it took me to run around and fix my little mistake. Dang it!

I guess I'll think twice before I start and complete multiple tasks at once. Who knows if I'll really convert to being a believer though. That's a huge commitment.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ooo La La!

What a gorgeous wedding. This was a lovely way to start my wedding portfolio. I truly adore the bride's family and had fun getting to know the groom's clan. We all started the day pretty early and I had the best time chatting with Nikol as she was getting ready. She was so calm and peaceful. No stress to be found. I loved how her shoes reflected how relaxed she was feeling.
Later she told me she totally fell asleep while her hair was getting done and that she couldn't remember what we talked about, only that I was there and people were talking. Silly girl. She really didn't sleep a wink the night before. You couldn't tell by the way she just beamed with utter joy all day long.

I love to watch bride and groom emerge from the doors of the temple. They're always so glad to see everyone waiting to congratulate them and their smiles are from ear to ear.
And of course there's a whole lot of love in the air.
Oh how I love that!

One of my favorite things throughout the day was to see the relationship of these sisters and how they were so happy for and supportive of their big sister and this milestone she had reached. They are all able to look to her as an example and she had them there to share in the beautiful experience. Sisters share one of the most unique relationships in the world.

These two had so much family that was proud of their choice and so excited for them to be together forever.
This next one is also one of my very favorites.
The amount of love between bride and groom is so inspiring and each tender moment was worth freezing... to never be forgotten... oh, how I love my job.

(No wedding could be complete without a handsome groom...)

The day was full of beauty and I want to give a HUGE shout out to the bride's mom, Sol. She put together so many of the details and with the help of her secret elves everything went so smoothly and was classically simple and stunning.
All that work was so worth it Sol!

Congrats to the Mr. & Mrs. I wish you good luck and lots of love!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I've had a fun filled week last week with the peak of my fun coming this weekend. I have so much I want to share with you! I was thinking about all of the computer work I had to get done and it hit me! "Jasmin's beautiful face hasn't made it to the blog yet..." Jasmin's a gorgeous girl I've gotten to know a little better this last little bit and she was my first "official" Senior portrait session. I love your dark hair and sky blue eyes Jaz.

Oh Jasmin, I'm so sorry I'm just barely posting these! You're beautiful!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introducing: the Mr. & Mrs.

Enjoy the sneak... more beautiful images to come.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I am Andrea.
I am a mother of two amazing boys.
I am the wife of an incredible man.
I am a photographer.
I am a loyal friend.
I am training for a marathon.
I am building a business.
I am too busy playing with my kids to clean my house.
I am working on cleaning my house :)
I am learning to play the piano.
I am optimistic.
I am grouchiest when I'm hungry or tired.
I am sorry if you have to be around me when I'm both.
I am inspired by others.
I am a child of God.
I am pretty chill.
I am obsessed with home decorating magazines.
I am wishing I could translate that into a decorated home.
I am a fairly good cook.
I am a sucker for chocolate.
I am trying to learn to speak in soft, calm tones.
I am in love with Italian and Mexican food.
I am trying to replace fat with muscle.
I am an old soul.
I am a water aerobics instructor.
I am worried about this future generation.
I am trying to teach my kids what is good and right.
I am old fashioned.
I am sure Heavenly Father hears our prayers.
I am learning to budget :)
I am going to do the dishes before lunch...
I am an avid vacuumer. (Is that a word?)
I am in love with Modern Family.
I am not as crafty as I'd like to be.
I am wishing someone would really teach me how to sew.
I am a coupon-er.
I am looking forward to our vacation this summer.
I am comfortable when people speak their mind, but don't speak mine as often.
I am the hugest fan of bright, colorful shoes.
I am low maintenance.
I am going to bungee jump and sky dive before I die.
I am not a big baby person, but I've gained a deeper love for them since I've had my own.
I am sure no one could ever love my family more than me.
I am sometimes very feisty.
I am learning how to garden.
I am amazed at how fast time flies.
I am empathetic.
I am scared of heights, falling actually.
I am happiest with my family.
I am anxiously awaiting our next trip to Hawaii.
I am a believer in retail therapy.
I am a food lover.
I am sometimes crazy.
I am losing more brain cells with each pregnancy.
I am going to go back to school someday.
I am so blessed to be a mommy.
I am wishing everyone that wanted to be one could be.
I am always saying I still feel like that girl I was in middle school.
I am looking forward to the day all of my children are here on the earth with me.
I am waiting a while before we have more kids though.
I am so grateful for my hubby.
I am needing to improve, every day.
I am silently opinionated.
I am happy.
I am blessed.