Thursday, October 17, 2013

From Where I Sit Right Now

I'm sitting here in the kitchen, in front of my computer, doing the final edits on a newborn twin session I had recently. Taking photos for people is such a blast and I was so excited to finally get a chance to photograph twins. What a dream...

But that hardly compares to everything else around me at this very second.  

Tyler is running around in his Ninja Turtle costume he got at Karter's birthday party.  The mask hasn't left his face since we got to the party before lunchtime.

Macy is walking EVERYWHERE.  Literally, she crosses back and forth through the kitchen after making a loop down the hall and through her bedroom.  Crawling is no longer cool. She usually has two or three toys/objects in hand (and sometimes her mouth) and they change every minute or two depending on what she has discovered in her travels. There's a funny trail of items around the house as she swaps one treasure for the next. It's so cute to see her embrace this new skill and leave babyish things behind. Cute, but sad.

And then there's Marshall. He blew me away yesterday with his discovery about reading.  He was choosing a show to watch on Netflix and can now read the episode titles and descriptions. So once he announced his selection he told me, "when you can read, it changes your whole life." What a beautiful truth he has come to know. I'm so proud of him and his skills.  He tries really hard to do his best academically and has a thirst for knowledge.

My kids are such a gift. I cannot believe the beautiful world that surrounds me on such an insignificant Thursday evening.