Friday, September 27, 2013

Goodbye Summer. We will miss you.

Around here it's pretty much official that summer is over.  We've reached the end of September and there is a slight chill in the breeze and a cool touch to the air.  I'm definitely excited for fall and all of the holidays that are coming.  But I'm going to miss summer a little bit.

We finally made it to California in August and played at the beach.  I'm a major beach lover but Colby is not, so we don't get there very often.  Strangely, my kids have played on the beaches of Hawaii far more than California.  It's just that whenever we can work a trip to Cali into our schedules it is usually for family stuff so we never make it farther west than Grandma's house.  I had my heart set on a beach visit and had promised it to the boys for months.  Wouldn't you know it... conflicts kept getting in the way and we almost didn't make it, but I made sure to get us there.  And it was windy.  And it was cold. And almost miserable.  But look!!  We're all smiling in all of these pictures so it was a hit, no matter what.

Marshall went barreling into the water even though it was a little chilly.  I'm so glad he loves it like I do.

Tyler was a bit more cautious... I don't think he likes the moving water.

Nevertheless, they seemed to love it either way.

Even Macy loved it.  I felt foolish that I didn't have a sweater for her, so we just had her play in Tyler's towel.  

I think I have some great pictures of her on my phone... I'll have to see what I can find.
Tada!!!  I do.

She loved the water and watching all the people.
Watching my kids enjoy the things I loved as a kid make me so happy.  Ahhh....