Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stratton Family Circus :: Photo Booth

Here's some pictures from the photo booth at Macy's party.  We got everyone to take a turn and I love how they turned out.  Somehow Colby and I never got one though.  Darn it.  So we just snapped one on my phone today and I'll post it at the end.

 (Tyler, Marshall, Karter, Brigham)

 (Camie, Harper, Mike)

 (Grandma & Grandpa Tom)

 (Cassadee & Brady)

 (Grandma Diane & Macy)

 (Great Grandma Stratton & Cierra)

(Grandma & Grandpa Stratton)

(Mom & Dad) 

(Mom & Marshall)

Macy Turns ONE :: The Party

We had Macy's birthday party yesterday afternoon and it was such a great time with our closest family (we totally missed those that live far away though...).  This little girl is so loved. 

A while back I was in Target and came across some darling party stuff that left me totally inspired.  I didn't know what direction to take it into right away, but I bought up a lot of "stuff" just in case it all sold out before birthday time came around.  By "a while back" I mean probably summer time.  Haha.

After a little pondering, I knew just what we would have to do!  A circus party!!!  If I'm being totally honest, it did cross my mind to track down a magician, and a clown, and some fun animals, but then I remembered I was planning a party for a one year old.  We would be lucky if she cracked a smile and went along with opening presents.  So I scaled back my thinking a bit and just found a few special details and spent the rest of the time leading up to her birthday loving on her cute little face.
I ordered the invitation from this super great Etsy shop, called Picadilly Lime. 
Thank goodness for others who sell their talent on the internet!

I got really excited about the little details for the party and was really pleased with how it turned out.  I think there were just two more little things I wish I had thought to do before the day of.  I won't mention them though, because I don't want to take away from all the cuteness that did come together.  

I'm positive the gold animals were my favorite detail.  Everyone made sure to comment on them too, which totally made my day!  I'm really glad I took the time to make the poster that highlighted Macy's life right now.  I've spent way too much time on the computer doing work lately that it would have been really easy to just skip it, but I just couldn't.  That was probably my second favorite detail.

Huge shout out to my awesome sister-in-law, Cassadee, who made the fabulous cupcakes.
She's seriously amazing and I couldn't thank her enough.  If anyone local wants some for any event, I'll get you her #.

Here's the birthday girl herself!
She took everything rather seriously so I'm glad I got a photo or two of her toothy grin.

Pretty sure this was the only time she smiled with the cake in front of her too.  She gets into everything, all day long, so I was sure it would be no different with cake and presents, but not so.  She was very deliberate and dainty and really just wanted the individual sprinkles and would have been happy if there wasn't cake and frosting in the way of those.  Haha.  Silly girl.

She was very funny about the presents and wouldn't open a thing and didn't really crack a smile.  Colby had to open every one of her presents.   She was definitely ready to be done once she had opened up two baby dolls and strollers!  They were a total hit.  I know she loved every gift though.  She woke up bright and early today to play with all of them.

She did a great job sharing the strollers with cousin Harper, but was happiest when she had both.
What a lucky little lady.

We had a photo booth too, and I plan to blog those pictures ASAP.  They were so hilarious.

The party was totally fun and I'm, again, so grateful for all the love that was showered on our little Princess yesterday.