Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mommy's Eyes

Our little Tyler definitely has Mommy's eyes. I've been told I have "Precious Moments" eyes or sad puppy eyes... unless I'm smiling. When I was getting Ty out of the car the other day I caught a calm but very sad looking baby looking out at his surroundings. He was perfectly content but his eyes just about broke my heart.

Then not two minutes later I had him smiling and I thought, "Yep. You're my child for sure." Our eyes might not always smile, but when they do, watch out!
That twinkle about knocks me off my feet Tyler.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love it.

I've started letting go of control and Marshall has been allowed to pick which shoes he wears in public. He has worn these rain boots 80% of the time in the last couple of weeks... ever since the missing one was rescued from behind the dryer when we moved. Can you believe this adorable boy and the look he's got going on?
And yes, a small glimpse into our life at the new house. Marshall loves the rocks and dirt that are abundant around the house. As soon as we get the permit to put up the block wall we will slowly turn it into a fun grassy space with at least a sand box and a spot for a garden to keep these boys happy. We all know the grass is for my enjoyment (it looks so inviting!) and the dirt is for the boys.
I sure hope my house gets itself in order so I can post some pictures to indulge your curiousity.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


We have finally closed on our house and are mostly moved in! Can't wait to show you some pics but you'll have to wait, sorry. It's kind of a disaster right now with boxes scattered throughout the house in the process of being unloaded.