Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Tonight we headed out to Carly's basketball game and I mentioned to my sister how it was weird that I didn't have my camera. I didn't think I'd regret it... but I do now.

It was halftime. The Tigerettes performed and it was lovely. There wasn't a lot going on since no one is allowed on the court during halftime. (Remember when all the kids would storm the court and shoot hoops until the teams came back out to warm up?) Well, I was talking to a former girls' bball coach asking him if he missed "those days" and the bottom flap of the bleachers was getting pushed up and down by some kids and I thought to myself, "I sure hope that isn't Marshall, he's gonna get his fingers smashed or something." Then suddenly I heard an enthusiastic cheer from the student section so I looked up to see what was happening when I suddenly realized I had dressed my kid in the same exact clothes I was seeing on that little boy... running across the gym floor... and then sliding on his knees... with a HUGE, proud smile across his face. Umm... yes... that was my boy. Showing off his mad skills to the whole crowd. He would run a ways then slide on his knees as far as he could. Then get up and do it all over again back across the court. The kids kept cheering him on and the band started playing. I'm not sure what their intent was... probably to distract the crowd so the little boy's parents could grab him without all eyes on them. Well, Marshall seemed to think they were playing to give some extra pizazz to his show. He started jogging... or prancing... to the beat of the music and he thought he was COOL. I made it down the steps as quickly as I could pawn off Tyler (yes... I was attending alone, poor Daddy missed the show) and just sat on the front row of the bleachers hoping Marshall would look over at me so I could beckon him off the court. Marshall's Grandma Connie and I just sat there, laughing so hard we were crying, asking each other who we thought Marshall would scream the least at. Soon the team came out of the locker room and started to warm up. I thought that would encourage Marshall to leave the floor so he wouldn't get smashed, but it didn't. I had to go out there and scoop him up... in front of all those spectators... removing all doubt who he belonged to.

And so we return to the title of this post. Regretfully... there are no pictures to accompany this hillarious story. What brings me satisfaction, however, is that at least Marshall didn't do something as obnoxious as pulling the fire alarm... like he did with Daddy last year at one of Carly's basketball games.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Little Man

Sending out a little love to my little stud. I was in the middle of a really smoochy photo session this afternoon and Marshall started hanging around saying "take my picture..." I just love this kid's expressions! He's a little bit Zoolander and a little bit goofball.
He's been such a doll lately. He has become so aware of my feelings and is always asking me "You so happy Mom?" or "What's wrong Mom?" I'll have to get it on video to really capture the charm in his voice. He says it all drawn out and concerned. My favorites lately are when he'll ask me what's wrong and once I answer he'll say, "Oh. I'm sorry Mom." The other day he was being a little annoying in the store and when he noticed I was exasperated he asked me this sweet little question like he really cared and when I explained to him that he was bugging me and I wished he would stop he was so genuine and apologetic when he said sorry in his little drawl.
I wouldn't say we're experiencing the "terrible twos." We endure some terrible moments but truly Marshall is so much fun and brings so many smiles to my face. He's so smart and repeats so much. Not only what he hears, but what he sees too. He's incredibly talented when it comes to putting things together. He builds a mean castle/tower/dollhouse (it depends on the day what his creations are called) and figures out puzzles quicker that I can. He just zips through them. He's also a great problem solver. I always find myself smiling at his quickness to fix problems and work through challenging situations. I probably need to thank Curious George for the influence in that department. Luckilly we haven't seen much of George's trouble making at our house. Yet.
Marshall's gained a great love for his Uncle Chase. He used to just scream at him, "NO CHASE!" whenever he saw him, but I'm glad his heart has softened before Chase leaves for his mission. He'll talk to Chase on his toy phone and ask multiple times in a day to "go to Chase's home." Not Grandma's or Grandpa's. It's Chase's home. Marshall also loves his little brother. He loves to run to help Tyler when he hears him wake up. He will randomly get right in Ty's face and tell him he loves him (it makes my heart melt!!!) and that they are friends. Which reminds me... I usually lose track of how many times a day Marshall will stop what he's doing to come and tell me he loves me. What a sweetie. What a stud.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love cloudy days!

Meet Karter. He's my adorable nephew, and he's a fireball! We had so much fun checking out all these amazing sites... one of which is only usable on a cloudy day. I was so glad his sweet momma called me up yesterday. Who knows when I'd be able to use this awesome turquoise door again.
Here's his mom. She loves this little guy like crazy. It's so fun to watch them together.
Thanks for playing with me yesterday Karter. I had a blast!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Portraits!

HUGE thank you to Camie! She was a beautiful way to start my portfolio. Once we were done I felt a huge boost of confidence. Not only can I say, "I could do that..." I can say, "I CAN do that..." It was so fun to work with her. She has such beautiful things that inspire her and it was so fun to capture that beauty in pictures.

I've yet to come up with a name for my little business and would welcome any and all suggestions. Also, I've decided to offer an incredible discount to my first bookings... Family, Bridal, Baby, Maternity, Senior Portraits, and Wedding. I'm so excited to help capture the moments that would otherwise fly right by us.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fourth Generation

Greetings from the 4th generation of Interstate Rock Products. Our Great-Grandpa and his brothers started this great company and we've made our start on our career path. Last week I, Marshall, and my brother Tyler and my cousin Karter went to visit our dads at work.
I enjoy my chances to work alongside my dad and grandpa.
My mom loves this picture. She says the hard hat makes me look so grown up and my dark eyes melt her heart.
There were mountains all around us and I wanted to dig the big mountain. I told my mom one of the mountains was "a huge, amazing mountain Marshall's ever seen!"
Dad got me out of the car and Mom left to go see more of the jobsite. When she came back I was already hard at work and she suddenly saw me all grown up. I had to remind her that I'm still only 2 even though her imagination goes crazy sometimes.
I'm good at digging dirt. I like to do any kind of work.
My mom says my smile melts her heart too.
We're so grateful for the many sacrifices made to create a company that has provided our family with everything we have. My dad loves his job and loves letting me learn alongside him. I love my dad.