Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh man!

So, the other day I was discussing multi-tasking with another busy mommy. We had both read/heard something to the effect that multi-tasking is counter-productive/ineffective. We were laughing about the fact that though it may be true, its the only way we get anything done. Well, I must have needed to learn a lesson about slowing down.

I was doing bills this afternoon and had some tasks to take care of once I was finished. I got the boys in the truck to head to the city office, post office, then grocery store. Once on the road, I called the bank to sort out a confusing deposit situation and headed to drop off my utility bill. Once I dropped it in the box, I went to the post office to drop my mortgage payment in the mail. As I reached out to the drop box I realized I was about to put my payment to the city into the mail box. Then I realized I had just dropped off my house payment at the city office payment drop box. Whoops.

So I headed back to pay my bill and kindly asked the city employee to please empty their drop box so I could get my mail out of it. She was happy to help and I was on my way. Only to miss the post office's closing time by minutes... about the time it took me to run around and fix my little mistake. Dang it!

I guess I'll think twice before I start and complete multiple tasks at once. Who knows if I'll really convert to being a believer though. That's a huge commitment.

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  1. I hate when I do stuff like that!! I think it only gets worse the more kids you get and the more responsibilities you have... prepare yourself Andrea! :) ha ha