Saturday, July 25, 2009

Packing boxes as furniture... looks good at our house.

Maybe if I put my feelings out into the universe something good will come of it. We have yet to close on our house and it is starting to drive me crazy. Every couple of days it is the same story..."We've got everything in they asked for. We're just waiting for the paper work to come through so we can sign." And each morning I get a call from a very frustrated loan officer "...they seem to have made up some need to see this or that or the other thing..." It is starting to drive me crazy. So now that my pantry and food storage is packed up and the fridge is slowly emptying (I refuse to go to the store until we move) we will be found eating at everyone else's house until the blessed day comes. Oh yeah, we're not holding our breaths either.

Next to pack, the bathroom essentials.


  1. I'm sorry! That sounds so frustrating! Hopefully it will get better...

  2. Good luck!!! Things will get better and soon you will be in your new house and all unpacked! :)

    (just found your blog through Tasha's, if you'd like an invite to ours email me your email address to