Sunday, March 18, 2012


Marshall has been learning about dinosaurs at school this month and he's been super curious about all things dinosaurs.  One day he asked me where they lived on the earth and I told him, "everywhere."  He quickly clarified, "No Mom.  Like where on the earth."  Then it hit me!  We have dinosaur tracks here in Southern Utah so I told him they used to live right here! right where we live!  He thought that was pretty cool.  So cool that he almost couldn't stand it.  Then Colby told him there are numerous tracks here in Southern Utah and that we would go exploring them!  So the next Monday night we got Colby's family together (well most of it...) and went exploring.

Here's Marshall and Tyler sitting right by one of the footprints.

Marshall's hand inside the track...  He thought this was seriously so cool!

The four of us by the tracks...

Group shot!  
It was so fun hanging out with the fam.

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  1. Love to see the whole Stratton gang! (We used to live in Hurricane and our families were good friends.)