Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy birthday!!!

Colby is pretty much the most super, awesome dude EVER, so this year for his birthday I wanted to throw him a party.  I thought it was completely necessary considering this will be the first of his eternal birthday, he turned 29!!!  He's certainly a blessed individual... he had a great group of friends that he grew up with and almost all of them still live nearby and are all still very special to us.  I started to invite his closest pals of the past and quickly realized they would overflow our house for the intimate dinner I envisioned.  So I went to the next best thing... Oscars!  We love Oscars.  Any excuse to head up to Springdale for a meal at Oscars is all it takes for us.  I got ahold of Colter (Tara's hubby) to see if he wanted to work together on this party since Tara has the same birthday and he was game for it.  We told the birthday kids we were headed to our favorite restaurant... just the four of us.  Wasn't it fun to surprise them with this!  Everyone had these faces up and it was funny to watch Colby & Tara's reactions to the surprise get together.

Here's some shots of all the friends that could make it.
Outdoor heaters cast the most flattering red glow... don't you think?
There were a few of our buds that couldn't make it and loads more friends that we've made in the last 10 years or so that will have to come to a future bash... (our lawn in the backyard is getting put in this month and I'm picturing many a party happening back there!)

I just want Colby to know how much he means to me and what a blessing he is in my life.  
He is my greatest friend and supporter and works so hard for our family.  
I love you, birthday boy!!!

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