Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Part 2

Once we got home from church on Christmas we got some time to open the rest of our gifts.  
I love sitting back and watching all of their reactions and capturing some of them on camera.  
Kids bring so much magic to the holidays.  I love it.

Marshall got a new backpack!!!  (His other one was falling apart it had been so well loved.)
Looks like he approved of the characters on the front...

And Tyler got a backpack too!  He was so excited about it.  
He immediately put it on and wore it the rest of the morning.

He asked right away if he was going to go to school now.  We remind him on an almost daily basis that his birthday needs to come before he can go to school.  It's fun that my kids love school like I used to.

Daddy picked out these awesome Transformers masks.  They match the costumes we have too!  
I'm sensing Halloween costume inspiration...

The boys helped Daddy buy all of my gifts in one night from one single store found here in Hurricane.  We know that because they were all wrapped and delivered under the tree the same night I was hosting Bunco.  My pals thought it was funny that Colby got all the shopping done the way he did.  But I was surprisingly pleased!  I got a food processor and some other cool kitchen things that I've been wanting.

That race track was played with non stop that day.  Tyler was racing a dinosaur down it right here.

The boys and their loot.  We sure love them.

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