Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Remembering Jesus

On Christmas Eve, Cassadee helped do something special for the little boys.  She had done this little production for Sharing Time in Primary and organized it one more time for the boys to do at Grandma & Grandpa's house.  They started out dressed like Samuel the Lamanite declaring the coming of the Savior.  Notice that Tyler wanted to wear his head piece on his neck.  I just had to let him be an individual :)

The boys got to choose "presents" out of a bag that all went together and each piece had a song or a story to go with it.  They really enjoyed taking turns and unwrapping the little surprises.

They were unwrapping pieces of the nativity and learning all about the birth of Christ.

Here's proof that Brigham and the older "kids" were there.

Grandma played the piano for us to sing to.

Brigham was so cute... just playing with all the pieces of the nativity while the other kids were paying attention to everything else that was going on.

 Look how sweet these little boys are... listening so closely to Grandpa reading them a story.

Notice Tyler is slowly losing interest...

(So was Colby, haha.)

Soon Tyler found his way across the room... getting distracted by who knows what.

He made it back to all the action and made sure to turn on a little music on his way.  He loved that it was his job to press the angel and start the song.

This was too funny.  While Cassadee read the boys a story, Marshall got right up next to her and played with her hair.  It was cute until she started getting tired of it falling in her eyes.

And then Marshall had fun flicking her bangs back down into her face.  Little goober...

Carly even got in on the action and finished reading the story to the boys.

When it was all over, the boys got plenty of time to play with the nativity and take turns pressing the angel and starting the music.

A super cute moment from this night was when there were only a couple pieces left in the bag and Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus were still unaccounted for.  The boys started talking about how they hoped they chose whichever piece they were hoping for.  It was Tyler's turn to choose and everyone was talking about wanting to pick Mary.  He unwrapped Joseph and in the sweetest, most excited voice announced, "It's Ma-wy!"  Even though it wasn't, his sweet little voice was so darling.  I loved that and remember it more than most everything that took place that night.  It was a great way to calm the growing excitement of what was coming later that night and remember what Christmas is all about.  I loved how often during this Christmas season that I heard Marshall say that Christmas was about baby Jesus. I'm glad to know Marshall understands the importance of the season, rather than getting totally caught up in all the commercial stuff.

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