Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alcatraz :: The Beauty

I felt like I saw a lot of beautiful things during our tour of Alcatraz.  Partly from the actual structures on the island and partly because of the perspective you had of the city while on the island.  It was all so cool to me.

More of that moss I was so in love with...

I love the word free in the middle here.

The views were fantastic.

So was the company.

All week long I would gaze at all the variety and beauty that filled the city and wish I could be a portrait photographer in this charming city.  Even while there on Alcatraz I was seeing inspiration all around me.  So I lined Colby out and had him take a few shots of me.  I love these, thanks Babe.

I love my hubby.
If he were blogging this right now, he'd be sure to mention how much he loves me.  I'm sure of it.

More shots of the San Francisco skyline.

Our hotel was just a couple blocks from the water... just right of center in this picture.

A shot of Coit Tower from the ferry ride back.  
Coit Tower is where they used to watch for shipments coming into the city.

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