Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Awkward moment on the phone today:

But first, a little back story.  My sisters were over and we were just hanging out.  Lauren's boyfriend calls her, finds out that we are having a "pow wow" and asks why he wasn't invited.  I decide to be funny and text him while he is talking to her and ask my sisters for his # (I didn't have it for some reason...) and this is how it went.

     Me:  There is a way that you could get invited to my pow wows.  Meg and I have a serious question for       you, btw.

     Him: OK, who is this?

     Me:  Haha.  Me.
     Me:  Andrea

     Him:  Andrea who?

I'm beginning to think he is pulling my leg, so I throw in a little insult.

     Me:  Now you're a queer.

     Him:  I think you have the wrong #.
     "Him":  This is Precious.  (I changed her name to protect her identity -haha- and referenced a little Friends."

     Me:  Sorry :)

     "Him":  It's ok haha.  :)

I commence to ask a question or two in order to be sure I don't actually know this poor girl.  Thankfully I didn't.  Turns out my sister knows who she is... an acquaintance at work.  Oh boy!

     Me:  Soooooo sorry.  Haha.  Have a nice night.  You're not a queer.

     "Him":  Hahahahahaha  thanks  You have a good one too ;)

Oh jeeze!!!  I was sooooo sooooo sooooo embarrassed!  It's a good thing she has no idea who I was and that I now know where she works so I can know to NEVER show my face in there... ever.

It was just too funny not to share.

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