Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Part 3

This post is about all of our stops we made.  I should mention that a couple of our usual stops were done before Christmas day actually came because none of my side of the family would be in town on the actual holiday.  For some reason I didn't remember to take pictures at those places.  Of course they were a lot of fun and we were totally spoiled.  Like I had mentioned in Part 1, we rushed over to Colby's parents' house once we woke up.

The boys breaking into their goodies.

Grandma made each of them these adorable blankets that were each a different animal.   I'm going to have to take some pictures of the boys with their blankets since I never got a good one on Christmas morning.  Marshall's is a turtle and Tyler's is a fish.  They love their blankets and sleep with them every night.

It's kind of fun adding a new person to the family.  Mike will fit in just fine with all of us weirdos.

Marshall and Brigham were playing a game.  
Marshall would yell and scream and Brigham would copy him.  
So fun...

Cassadee and I put our heads together for a good surprise for her parents this year and our "presentation" of the whole thing went almost as planned.  Good thing Marshall was there to help carry it out.
We recreated a picture that we had given her a past Mother's Day.  We took the pictures back in August and the boys did a great job of never leaking any info.  Cass put all the pictures into a book and we gave Mom the book first thinking she would see the pictures and say, "That's like the picture that hangs over there..." while looking towards the photo on the wall then suddenly noticing that it wasn't just a painting of some cute little boys, but a photograph of her actual grandsons.  Well... it went almost like that.  She said what we thought she'd say and she looked where we thought she would look, but she really only looked in the general direction and didn't really look.  So this is how it went down.
1.  "Oh... cute.  You boys are so cute... this looks just like that picture over there..."
2.  "Uh... Grandma... I was thinking to tell you to look over there..." and he repeated that a couple times and then the whole room had to prod her to really look.
3.  "Oh yeah!  I see it now!"
4.  Then we all had a good laugh.

(I'll have to do a whole post just on that fun little photo session we had back in August.  I'll do that right after I blog about our recent vacation.)

This photo was taken at Great Grandma Stratton's.  These teenagers are too funny.  They all took a little afternoon nap in the middle of all the noise and chaos at Grandma's house.

Then we went to Grandma & Grandpa Tom's house.  
The boys got some fun Play-Doh toys that they love so much!

I have to post this pic for posterity.  First of all, notice the wooden rocking chairs.  Grandma & Grandpa have made these for most all of their grandkids and great grandkids.  Brigham was loving his.  And secondly, take note of all the decorations.  I am sure there are only a few special people in this world that decorate for Christmas the way Grandma Tom does.  And this is just a tiny portion... just what was in the background of this photo.  I'm pretty sure this picture shows more decorations than I have in my whole house for every holiday of the year.  This is something we love about Grandma.  She really goes all out.

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