Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Last Day :(

On our last day in San Francisco we were able to extend our bus tour passes an extra day on account of the fog that kept us from really seeing the sights.  City Sightseeing Tours seriously rock!  We rode across the Golden Gate Bridge again so we could actually see it.

This picture was taken maybe a block or two away from our hotel.

Having fun on our bus tour.  Betsy (our driver) had us laughing our heads off!

Ghiradelli Square

Some of the fantastic architecture.

A temple of some sort.  I can't remember a lot of the details.  I do remember the story about it being bombed after their religious leader talked about regardless who we all pray to, the prayers all go in the same direction.  Some people didn't like that very much so they bombed the building and killed the man who said that.

I love this city!

Palace of Fine Arts

A good glance at the Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge is so majestic.  We heard a lot of cool facts and stories about the bridge while on our tour.  Like how Mr. Strauss that built the bridge was the first to require his workers to wear hard hats and how there are undercover police officers patrolling the bridge at all times in an effort to stop people from jumping off.

Views of the Marin Headlands


Colby & I at Vista Point on the northern end of the bridge.

The San Francisco skyline

The four of us.

The view from Sausalito.  
We didn't get off the bus here on Saturday although grabbing a burger from Hamburgers was oh, so tempting.

Our awesome driver Betsy was kind enough to drop us off near Lombard Street so we could just walk a few blocks to the "crookedest street in the world."  It was only about three or four blocks to the peak, but it was a long walk.  Like I mentioned before, I need to practice photographing hills.  There was a one block portion that was SO SO steep.

This whole area was full of well manicured homes that I just loved.

A look back towards the west.  The funniest thing happened right here.  There was a couple walking down the hill as we reached the top.   (You can kind of see them here on the sidewalk.)  The woman was wearing some pretty high heeled boots and she was struggling to walk down the steep hill, so she started walking switchbacks down the sidewalk.  It was so funny to watch her slowly make her way down the hill and her man had to patiently walk extra slowly so he didn't leave her in the dust.

Colby at Lombard St. on Russian Hill.  Something neat about this area is the residents of the neighborhood were the ones to landscape the area.  The city built the road and then left it kind of barren. It's a shame we weren't there when all of the hydrangeas were blooming.

Looking east towards Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach (Little Italy), and Telegraph Hill.  Chinatown and the Financial District are just out of the picture on the right.

More of San Francisco's fantastic color and character.

Aww.  We're so cute.

Looking up Lombard Street.  I thought it was funny why this road became so crooked.  It runs all the way across the city and used to be a main thoroughfare and was quite dangerous as cars would scream down this hill.  It was decided they were going to eliminate all the crazy traffic through this neighborhood by putting in all of those switchbacks to discourage travelers.  Well now it is a major tourist attraction and cars will wait in a ridiculous line just to drive down it.  It was fun to see, but I would never wait in line to drive down it.

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