Thursday, January 5, 2012


This is Sausalito.  The most expensive place to live in California, and I'm pretty sure we were told the most expensive in the US.  It was pretty there, but I'm not sure this is where I'd choose to spend my millions...

If I remember correctly, there are 2.1 sailboats/yachts per resident of Sausilito.  
That includes the babies and elderly that live there.  Wow!

It really is fascinating to me to see everything built up the face of these hills and mountains.  The blue building on the left of this picture was a hotel.  Colter and Colby kept admiring its design.  It really was cool.  I should have gotten a better picture of it.

I was going to say we are the most attractive couple in the world, but I think I'll save that comment for a different picture.  At least we're happy...  :)

Now I'm not really sure why we ended up taking a picture including this bathroom sign, but once it was done we all laughed about it.  There were a number of potty stops taken throughout the week.  You know that rule you had growing up that before you left anywhere every kid needed to take a turn at the toilet whether they needed to go or not.  Well... we should have reinstated that rule during our trip.  Haha.

We were however standing near the nicest "outhouse" I have ever used.
Perhaps I'm easily impressed.

This was us before our bus headed back to the city.  We were told that one of the things we had to do was go on a bus tour... even though it was such a touristy thing to do.  I'm so glad we did.  It was a lot of fun and super informative.  There was another company that had double decker buses (Colby really wanted to ride on the top of a double decker bus), but we purchased our tour through this company because they were the only ones with a tour going to Muir Woods during the winter.  If anyone ever purchases a bus tour while in San Fran, go through CitySightseeing Tours and make sure you get Betsy as your driver.  She is hilarious!!!!

 It was pretty foggy Thursday and Friday.  Sausalito was a little more clear, but we could really only see the tippy top of the bridge peeking through the clouds.  As bummed as we were not to see the entire bridge in all of its glory, it was cool to see it poking out of the clouds.
  By the time we were back on the bridge the fog was so thick you could only see what was exactly next to you.  Cool looking, huh?

Now, I really should have used my better judgement and not shared this photo with you, but it was an amusing part of the trip.  We were in an open bus, and my hair was down.  It was flying all over the place so I wrapped my scarf around the ends of my hair.  Then I remembered all those movies with the glamorous women of old riding around in their convertibles with their scarf wrapped over their hair.  So I did it and we laughed our heads off the rest of the way.  Colby was possibly even embarrassed to be seen with me at that moment.

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  1. ha!! I never really thought about why those women wrapped their head in scarves, but now I know...and you can totally pull it off! :)