Monday, January 23, 2012

Nummy Chocolate Cake

A couple weeks ago I had a wicked craving for some chocolate cake.  I remembered reading that adding sour cream to a cake mix makes it much better than just a plain box mix so I tried it.  I used this recipe and thought the cake was good enough to eat without anything extra like frosting or whatever.  But of course if I was going to make a chocolate cake I NEEDED the frosting.  So I found this recipe on Pinterest and quickly whipped it up.  I guess the butter was still a little firm or something because it was way stiff and totally unspreadable.  And it was a small batch.  So I decided it would be my filling for the layers and I'd make my trusty old whipped cream frosting for the rest.  It was super delish!  And super rich.  I immediately offered three quarters of the cake to anyone that dared speak for it and delivered a few good sized pieces to some pals.

Here's Tyler being my little helper.  He loves to lick the beaters!

Here is the finished product.  The frosting is just a box of vanilla instant pudding with about a cup of milk mixed in.  You let that sit in the fridge for a little bit, then fold in some Cool Whip.  I decided I wanted chocolate whipped cream frosting so I melted down some extra dark chocolate chips and stirred it into the pudding before folding in the whipped cream.  It had little specks of chocolate and I liked it like that :)

We honestly could only get about a quarter of the cake down before all five of us (Me, the boys, Meg, & Colby) were on a chocolate overload.  Notice the ooey-gooey chocolate middle layer... once between the  layers of cake and sitting at room temp for a little while it softened right up and became a nice moistening element.  It was probably also the part that made the cake so rich... and yummy.

The boys loved their little afternoon snack.

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