Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Morning Part 1

I cannot think of a day that is busier for us than Christmas Day.  We love it that way... don't think I'm complaining... but I figured since it is so packed with stuff I would break up the blogging into sections.  As so we start with part 1.

Technically, these pictures in our PJs are from Christmas Eve, but it is what starts off the magic!  I get a big kick out of the funny face photo that Marshall requested.  I love that Tyler is smiling so nicely in that one.  The rest of that picture is just kind of disturbing.  The kids picked out my jammies this year all by themselves.  I'm so glad they love me so much.

Here's Tyler wiping the sleep from his eyes as we drug the kids out of their beds on Christmas morning.
 (Funny story:  We set our alarms for 5:30am so we could get the kids up to enjoy all the presents and stuff before we needed to be to Gma & Gpa Stratton's by 7.  We had church at 9 that morning, so we were trying to fit a lot in before the day really got going.  Well... at 7:20 Colby's phone rings and we wake up to, "are you guys on your way?"  We both sat straight up perplexed by our situation.  We were supposed to be there 20 minutes ago, the kids weren't awake yet, and there was no way to get out of our house without at least getting excited about what Santa had brought!!!  So we pulled the kids out of bed, let them dump out their stockings and play with the things Santa brought them and immediately whisked them out the door to Gma's house.  I'm pretty sure we were there by 7:40.  We felt so lame!!!)

This was Marshall's reaction to what he saw once he woke up...

A huge race track!!!  Just like he had asked for.  
Santa also surprised all four of us with our very own guitars!  We are a rockin' family now.  
Santa must have noticed that Marshall is in love with all things ROCK nowadays.

The race track is 8 feet long and races 6 cars at a time!  
It is still set up in our family room (a week and a half later) and has been played with a lot.

Tyler took the job of emptying his stocking very seriously.

Marshall was just thrilled all morning.

We let him jam out for just a second than took off to Gma & Gpa's house.  
The guitars definitely came with us!

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