Friday, January 13, 2012

I love my kids.

I am so lucky.  I had a bunch of leftover fruit that had been cut up for Bunco on Wednesday.  It was starting to get a little old so I decided to whip together my first green smoothie.  I've been a lover of green lemonade since summer, but that's just juice.  And it has lemon in in which makes most things yummy.   So today I got the guts to throw a banana in the blender with some pears, strawberries, a little mango, and a ton of spinach.   I added a little water to get the consistency right and guess what?  It was good!  So good that my kids drank it down so fast and Tyler (who doesn't eat ANYTHING unless he "loves it") was begging for more.  Marshall was cute.  Right before his second gulp he said, "I will take another drink so it can go to my brain and make it like this even more!  This is so good."  I consider myself ultra lucky that my kids will devour a green smoothie and never complain that it might look a little weird.  Even beyond that... they love their fruits and vegetables.  Sometimes they will even order broccoli instead of french fries at restaurants.  Crazy weird, isn't it?  Like I said.  I'm so lucky.

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