Friday, January 6, 2012


We had a lot of fun shopping in San Francisco.  While in the big city we basically shopped, ate, and toured like professional tourists.  As far as time spent, I'm pretty sure it went in that order, and I loved every second of it.  I honestly think all four of us did.

Everything was still festive and that made it fun to see the big shops doing it in style.

This is a shot in the mall in Union Square.  Do you see how huge it is?  And we went to a total of 2 stores.  I suppose if we had a week to only shop this mall we could have seen the whole thing.  And outside this mall you could find blocks and blocks of more fantastic shopping!  (I'm telling you... I'm going back.)

The first night we went shopping we honestly went to one store and that was all.  A brand new THREE story Forever 21.  The boys bailed on this adventure and headed to the movies (couldn't blame them) and Tara and I just enjoyed every second of kid free shopping in that beautiful place.  This picture is actually of the other Forever 21 that was just a couple blocks away.  Isn't it fantastic?  They were both huge.  And beautiful.

Oh yeah... I do have one picture of the brand new one we spent all of our time in.  Don't look at me... Colby had been trying to get me to buy hats all week, so I was modeling this totally impractical, albeit cute one for him.  Just notice the beautiful store in the background, ok.  It was huge!  And did I mention beautiful?

This was our ending to our second night in Union Square.  Still foggy and beautiful as ever.  The first night we shopped there we had to call a cab to take us home because we had stayed out so incredibly late (watching Mission Impossible 4- good flick) that most of the public transportation was shut down.  We were going to take a bus but a guy at the stop told us we were waiting for the wrong bus and we would end up going far far away from our hotel. Don't worry, it took us a good four days to figure out the transit system.

This could quite possibly be my greatest find in all of San Francisco.  Onitsuka Tigers.  Not that they could only be found there, but I picked them up on our second day in the city and they are honestly the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned (even compared to the $$$ pricey ones I bought when I was pregnant with Marshall and worked on my feet all day every day).  I walked and walked and walked in these beauties and never once had any kind of foot, leg, hip, back pain at all.  That is seriously rare for me.
My first choice were a fantastic shade of pink, but they were out of my size.  I'm seriously considering ordering them online... I found some for a great price and I think I need them.  Doesn't every girl need comfortable, functional shoes?  Purple and pink ones are a necessity, I'm sure.

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  1. Love all your pics of the city! San Fran is amazing, so glad you and Colby had such a great time!