Monday, July 26, 2010

...while I'm at it...

I have a fun family photo shoot coming up this weekend and I took a drive by the location we had in mind to check out the light and confirm some details.  Tyler came along with me and although he had a very dirty face we took a minute to catch a few shots.  I was putting a bunch of test photos together for an email and realized while I was sitting at the computer working with these images I might as well share a little love for my Tyler Boy.
Tyler got a new hair cut last weekend.  Colby loves to buzz his head and he only gets to do it about once a year because I don't really love it all that much.  We made a deal that he would build me a bookshelf in return for permission for this crazy haircut.  Then I realized I wanted more than one shelf, so I gave into the argument we've been having for several months now and let Marshall and Tyler get a matching cut.
I'm trying to love it.  I really am.  These boys are just lucky that Heavenly Father gave mothers an incredible ability to instantly and eternally love their little ones.  But then again, how could I not love this little guy?
He's growing up to be quite a kid.  He's still sweet and mellow, but we think he has a split personality :)  
He uses his sweetness to try and get away with everything until the temper comes out.  The fits are crazy and his war cry is fearsome.   This poor boy inherited my passive-aggressive nature, I'm afraid.
He's learning to talk so much more.  A few weeks ago he would say any word that started with "B" and now he's added "D" words to his vocabulary.  He's started to say shoe, fish, cow, truck, milk, grandpa and his own version of "nigh-night" and "I love you."  Its really cute to watch him react to his own vocabulary.  He knows he's doing something pretty cool when he talks.  His favorite things lately are books, anything Marshall has, and his stuffed animal that he sleeps with.  He's grown pretty attached to his dog over the course of the summer and it is the only thing he needs to help him go to bed.  I pray the doggy lives at our house for MANY years.  The other night the doggy was needing a "bath" and I had to find a different stuffed animal for him to sleep with.  He finally gave in to the penguin Santa brought him last Christmas... thankfully.  That was a rough night/early morning.  We just love Tyler to death and are curious what the future will bring with this little guy.

Stay tuned for that family shoot I was talking about and some more posts from our family vacay.


  1. What a cutie! Don't you just love how personalities come out at this age?

  2. Those pictures of Tyler are so cute! He's getting so BIG! I got my storyboard at the end of the Good-To-Great Photoediting class I took at It is way cute! THanKS!