Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Highlights from Texas

We are finally home from our delightful adventure to Austin, TX. We spent a week in a beautiful part of the country that neither of us had ever been to before. It was a week of kickin' back and relaxing with a small dose of excitement each day. I tried to keep track of some of the highlights during the week, but this is just a small taste. I'd love to go back there again. I know where I'd eat... every meal at the same place. And I'd love to stay long enough to pick up the accent. It was so charming and I wish it was instantly ingrained in me. Maybe my dear sis will hold to her claim of wanting to live there someday and we'll have an excuse to visit time after time.

So here it goes...
(this photo should be down with the other architecture
but something got goofed & I didn't want to redo it all)
our timely arrival to Las Vegas: We wanted to leave early and left a little later than early :) We had to stop in the Gorge for Tyler's thoughtful throw up incident. Then again when Colby got caught for speeding (no ticket, thankfully). And then there was the mountain of baggage and car seats we had to haul into the airport. That was seriously HILARIOUS! I guess I don't have any pictures of it. I did take video of it. I'm now remembering that my camera was packed (and stuck) in the middle of the mountain at that point of the trip.

Delta employee pronouncing my name correctly: So I walked up to the guy to make sure we could get all of our seats next to each other and he asked, "How can I help you 'On-dray-uh'?" I was stunned and told him so. He said, "That's how I always say it now. That's how she said it in 'The Devil Wears Prada.'" He had me cracking up and I kinda like that every 'Ann-dree-uh' he meets has to hear it my way now:)

Marshall swimming on his own: The first day we played in the pool I look over at Marshall and Colby and Marshall was totally swimming on his own. I'm not kidding you, I was practically speechless. I was sure it would be years before he'd attempt that. When I asked Colby how he got Marshall to do it he said, "I just told him to. And he did it!" I guess Marshall said he wanted Colby to hold him and Colby told him he had to swim to him first. So he just did it.

church (loving members): We were able to find a ward and go to church, which lucky for us was practically around the corner from our condo. The people were so warm and welcoming. Tons of people came and asked us if we were new. And when we told them no, they all asked, "Are you sure you don't want to stay?" They were so genuine and friendly. It reminded me to be grateful for a ward full of many of my neighbors...

amazing/gorgeous architecture: I have a thing for traditional style with a twist. All of the architecture in Texas was really old fashioned and some of it had a slight Mexican flair. I was in love. With just about everything I saw. And if it wasn't latin inspired, it was just plain classic old American and who can complain about that. Poor Colby heard me say "Oh my gosh! Look at that beautiful old house/church/barn/building/etc" at least a million times.

glorious chorus of bugs and frogs: It was so cool to walk outside of the airport and hear the chorus of creatures welcoming us to the great state of Texas.

feeding the birds:
We had a couple hours to kill one afternoon and we stopped at a park and fed the pigeons. I loved watching Marshall marvel at them up close and personal.
that cool old pool: At that same park, we saw one of the coolest pools I've seen in my entire life. It is a part of the river that has been dammed up and made into a pool. Diving board and all. It was like pools I've seen in old movies. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of it at least. If we had just one more day in Austin, we would have gone there to swim for sure!

A/C has taken on a whole new dimension:
I've always loved AC. Who doesn't. But living in So. Utah's dry heat is a cinch compared to being 15 degrees cooler and humid. I was overwhelmingly happy anytime we could be inside in an air conditioned building. It was so funny when we flew back into Las Vegas and jumped for joy when we felt that dry 115+ heat. I never thought I'd do that.

Marshall had a few classic lines:

"You're the man, mom!"
When asked about the plane, "It went super duper duper duper duper (insert at least 20 more dupers) fast!"
"Mom. Mom. Mom! Mom." "What?" "You inspire me." - That was my favorite. It was so random and I probably shouldn't have laughed so hard whenever he'd say it. But it was just. so. random.
Walton's. I LOVE Walton's: I'm gonna just have to do a blog post specifically about my new love affair with this place.

and last but not least, the Wedding:
My gorgeous cousin Rachel married her best friend and it was breath taking. It went right along with the impression I got of Austin, TX- special, a little bit fancy, and casual, all at the same time. The reception was unforgettable and I'm so excited for Rachel and Colt and the amazing adventure they have just begun.


  1. Hi Andrea! It's Melissa (Woodbury). I just had to comment about your visit to Austin....stop making me homesick!! We absolutely loved living there--glad you had a memorable visit. Just FYI, I think you were at Zilker Park (which has a fun kids train you should definitely ride next time you're there), and Barton Springs Pool is fabulous. I've included a link to a photo of it for you to see if that's where you were, just so you know the name and place next time you go. Do you love that I'm already planning your next trip? :) Where did you eat??? There are some good ones, for sure. I heart Austin! Thanks for the visit.


  2. Looks like y'all had some fun! Maybe we'll have to go next time too!