Friday, July 30, 2010

Sea World San Antonio

OK. I've redone this post like four times and if it doesn't turn out the way I want it to this time then I'm gonna... um... I wish punching the computer would make a difference... but it won't. So just enjoy, OK. When we were on vacation we spent a day at Sea World San Antonio. It was really fun but pretty humid and that turned all of us into zombies. But we still had fun. :) *disclaimer* You may find some boring details and lackluster photos within this post. Talented, creative Mommy was on vacation.
And I'm not quite sure, but my brain may still be in transit.

Tyler was loving the Shamu show. It's not quite as spectacular as it used to be (since the tragic accident involving a trainer) but the kids were amazed.

This picture makes me laugh. I tried to get Marshall to stand where I could see him, but the more I tried, the worse it all got. Kinda like this blog post. Sometimes you just gotta take what you can get.
Something neat about Sea World San Antonio is the thrill factor. The park is much smaller than the one in San Diego and there's not as many animals, but they have their own thing going with the water park theme throughout the park. They had a show with some crazy wake boarders and water skiers. We all really loved the show, you just can't tell from these faces. It was so humid and we never got used to it.
It just zapped the energy out of us.

I've never seen a wake board kite before and I thought it was one of the coolest things. It made those riders get so high and they could do some awesome stunts.
If I was brave (and strong) I would love to try it.

The water skiers did a lot of tricks with multiple skiers. A lot of it was done with four being pulled and they'd do flips and jumps over each other. It was crazy and amazing.
It was fun to watch our boys check out the wildlife and take it all in. It made me remember when Colby and I went to Sea World with Brady and Cassadee four years ago. We were so excited about everything and we were like a bunch of really big kids.
Watching your own kids experience it is even more magical though.

So, the boys thought the penguins were really cool and we loved the cool building they were housed in. It was kinda depressing going through that exhibit though. Colby and I turned to each other as we left and were talking about how the movie Happy Feet really ruined that experience for us. These guys were just like the penguins at the end of the movie. They seemed lost and in a daze.
Before we could get out of the sticky heat Marshall and Colby had to ride this ride. It was the only one Marshall was tall enough to ride. (For the record, the slight spikes in his hair were the only things that made him even close to the required height.)
They had to wait in line forever and Tyler and I waited to get the perfect photo op.

I think the wait was worth it. Marshall loved it!


  1. I LOVE Marshall's face! Seriously! He looks so stoked!! How awesome! Looks like you all have a wonderful time! And your boys get cuter by the day, Andrea!

  2. The picture at the beginning and the picture at the end are my favorites. :)