Sunday, July 4, 2010

Playing "Catch Up"

I've survived the latest crazy period of the summer and I have one week to catch up before a new kind of chaos consumes me.
So here it goes...

This family session comes from a highlight of my summer. It was a weekend full of love and family and a lot of catching up.
Shane is my cousin and his wife, Traci, is a talented Wyoming photographer. She asked me to take these while were all together at a long overdue family reunion. This is their beautiful daughter, Rylie. I have a hard time taking her grown up beauty seriously. She really should just be four years old or something, but no. She just turned TEN. These three are the sweetest little family. They love each other so much and I truly believe they are one of the last "old fashioned" families in this crazy world of ours. They live in a small town, have a ranch, work hard, and love each other to death. Colby and I had the best time chatting for hours with them about our similarities. Everything from our habits to our good old fashioned values. I still laugh when I think about our conversation! Good times. I love the way they are so devoted to each other and have an understanding about the way things get done. Both Shane and Colby know that they are not to touch the laundry, dishes, or pretty much anything domestic... unless they can be man enough to watch it get done a second time... the right way. Seriously, I'm still laughing! A little love for both parents. Pictures like these are treasures if you ask me... Someday (like tomorrow- not really, but you know what I mean) Ry will be married with kids of her own and they'll look at these and remember this fun time of life. That's when pictures become priceless.
I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

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  1. I enjoyed them! And I wish I could have enjoyed them in person. You are an amazing photographer, Andrea. You capture the little things and I'm sure everyone whose pictures you take appreciates your talent. Great job!