Sunday, July 18, 2010


We made it home. Yeah!!!!!!
This is my sweet boy this morning on the plane filled with a glorious sunrise. He did NOT want to be touched or bothered. He only wanted to rest.
And seeing as how I haven't gotten any real sleep since I woke up Saturday morning (imitating sleep on an airport chair does not count), I'm gonna go do the same thing. But in my bed. Ahhhh... my glorious bed... how I've missed you.


  1. what a cute picture! He must have been totally wiped out! Poor lil' man. Hope you enjoyed your vacay! Can't wait for pictures :o)

  2. Man! I wish I could sleep that well on a plane. Lucky little guy.
    May he keep that ability throughout his life!

  3. Ha ha, that is such a cute picture. Leave it to Marshall to do something adorable without even knowing it. :)