Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day 2010

These boys just keep growing. I love it. You'll have to look back to last year's 4th of July post to compare... I can't wait for next year too because there will be a new little one to join the group. Karter is gonna be a big brother! (I'm loving that everyone else is having babies right now. It takes the pressure off of us for a while.)
Tyler was BEYOND mesmerized by the sparkly lights Daddy handed to him. A video would have been even better so you could see him laugh while flinging this thing around and be so sad when it was burned out.
Marshall was LOVING all the pyrotechnics. He is his father's son. He had two sparklers, he just was way too good at waving them around for me to prove it.
The kids were cracking me up while we were lighting off our own little show... look at Karter on the right... he was my favorite. Though my boys came in right behind him with their blank stares on their faces. By the way, we've adopted the Wilson's into our family fireworks show every year. It wouldn't be the same without Kate: "We need more! We need more!"
I think my favorite part of the night was watching Tyler take it all in. How magical life must be to this little man.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. And endless thank you's to all of the men and women that made/make this holiday possible.

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