Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

I had heard of this idea a couple years ago and thought I was finally brave enough to try it out.  Haha.  
(Just sitting here getting ready to post this has me remembering it all so clearly & now I can't stop laughing...)  
I asked Marshall if he wanted to do this and he said he was game, but when I had the clothes out he got all freaked out and said no way.  
But right before we left the house he said he changed his mind and he wanted to go make Daddy laugh.  
So I got him dressed...
... like a girl!

Then it was Tyler's turn and I think its safe to say he was ultimately traumatized.  
I didn't know he was old enough to be aware of the difference.  
Poor baby...
I couldn't even get a semi-good picture of him because he was so mad that he wouldn't sit still.  
But I figured out a way to get him to cope with it for just a second... candy to the rescue!
So we headed out of the house but had to make a quick stop at the store to meet Gma Stratton and give her something to include in Chase's birthday package.  So we braved the crowds at the store and had to explain our April Fools joke to a lot more people than I thought I would have to... but my sweet neighbor Meagan saw us and knew right off what was going on.  Even Grandma thought that I had lost my marbles and let my kids do such a strange thing for no good reason.  Haha.  It was pretty funny.  But the funniest was Colby.  He was speechless.  Until he told Marshall that he needed to tell everyone he saw in the office "April Fools!"  I knew he might not like the idea too much so I got him a Kit Kat while at the store, but it wasn't enough.  So then I busted out a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper and Colby decided it was a tolerable joke.  Heehee.  It was a good joke if you ask me...


  1. hahahahahahah
    best april fools ever!

  2. OMG!!! I love it!!!! Soooo funny! :o)