Friday, April 29, 2011

I Think I've Lost It

So... you know how long I've been talking about wanting to wear my maternity jeans "just because."  Well, tonight I was in Costco and there was this cool booth set up selling these tummy tucking jeans.  At first I thought, "I would buy these," but then I got looking at them and didn't really want to spend the money... but I couldn't stop looking at them.  There were these cute dark wash capris that I almost put in the cart, but decided I, again, didn't want to spend the money.  

Megan was with me and we started laughing about the fact that they really were just maternity clothes being marketed to all of us.   I grabbed another pair, analyzed the spandex (to see if it actually could hold in the couple of inches I don't really like around my middle) but again put them back.  Then Meg pointed out this video that was playing and how the wrap shirt looked cute on both the pregnant lady and the thin one.
So then I really got to thinking... "I don't need to buy these jeans.  I have a couple pair of maternity jeans in a box in my closet that I LOVE and I can just wear those."  Then I noticed the shorts.  They were pretty cute and I honestly had nothing like them at home.  You see, I've always been pregnant during the winter so I didn't have any shorts with stretchy spandex on the top.  So I decided, what the heck!  I'd buy them and give them a try.  And if nothing at all, I could put them in my box for later.  (Like, much later.)
Well, I have them on now at home and they are quite comfortable.  However, they do not fit as tight as I would like so they aren't nearly as cool as the "Spanx meets Jeans" I was hoping for.  If they were that tight, though, they would not be maternity friendly as they were originally intended.  I mean, they are made by Lilac Maternity, for crying out loud.  So... do I keep them?  Yes.  Perhaps the size smaller would fit just a bit tighter, but would definitely not be as comfortable, especially long term.  Will I wear them?  In the future, for sure.  In the very near future? Perhaps.  But if I do that, then my other maternity jeans are coming out for sure.  Now I have no excuse not to wear them.  Except for the fact that I am NOT with child.  But I am going to refer you to the video once more.  Every body can wear these clothes.  Haha.

Somebody please tell me I am not crazy and that you will join me in this new fashion trend!

P.S. Check out and tell me you do not want that green and gray dress on the home page!

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  1. you are definitely NOT crazy! comfort plus cute jeans? who could pass it up? i have a maternity dress that i wear all the time. nobody would have to even know :)