Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy birthday, Tyler!

I sure am glad that a two year old has very limited expectations of birthdays.  Today he wasn't feeling too well, so we had a long day of whining and clinging to Mommy.  And on top of that, we've had a week of celebrating that is taking a toll on this Momma and I was a little over the hoopla and energy of birthdays.  We did however spend some good quality time together.

These pictures are a series that was taken on Saturday at the Stratton Family Easter Picnic.  It is the one time of year there is a guarantee of the ENTIRE clan having a plan to get together.  It was definitely a year to remember with the thousands of caterpillars that were just finding their way out of their nests.  After a while Tyler took a liking to one caterpillar in particular and wanted to hold it and play with it.  I know it starts out looking like he didn't know it was on him, but he did.  I'm sure he put it there himself at this point.  I should mention that pretty much everyone there had their fair share of surprise visits from countless caterpillars though.  Every time you'd turn around there was someone that had a few on their back or pant leg.  They didn't seem to love me (or my boys) as much as a lot of other people, but I'm pretty sure I had one halfway up my pant leg at one point.  It took at least 24 hours to stop feeling like there was something crawling on me...  I'm just glad they weren't anything nasty, just cute little blue-ish caterpillars.
Tyler has taken a real liking to bugs lately.  He'll tell you that spiders are nasty, but he loves to help find ladybugs and caterpillars.  He also likes to be doing anything that Marshall is doing and hates to share.  He has a very caring heart though.  Every time he goes to Gma Diane's house one of his first stops is to the cupboard that has the fruit snacks.  He'll always grab two bags and tell me that one is for Marshall.  It seriously never fails, he always gets one for his brother too.  I think its cute to watch him look out for his big brother.  It happens a lot, with a lot more things that just fruit snacks.  He'll even yell at kids that are giving Marshall a hard time.  I also really love it how he always asks about Marshall if he's not in the truck yet while Tyler is getting buckled in.  He just doesn't like to be without his brother I guess.

Tyler still talks a little like a caveman.  Most everything comes out in a word or two but I rarely don't know what he wants.  The only real sentences he says are things like, "I don't want it," when I serve him his meals.  My brain is having a hard time coming up with any others he says... probably because he mostly tells me that he doesn't want his food.  He loves candy though.  Always has, always will I suppose.  He also loves the movies Cars & Toy Story 3.  Another one of his favorite things is his church Nursery leader, Brother Meadows, who also watches the boys on Tuesday nights when I go to Young Women's.  A couple weeks ago we walked into church and Tyler did NOT want to go in the chapel, he just kept saying, "Meadows. Meadows."  When the first hour of church was finally over and it was time to head to nursery, he ran down the aisle of the chapel yelling, "Yeah!!!!"  He knew exactly where he was going and who would be waiting for him.  He loves Brother Meadows so much, in fact, that the night Tyler broke his leg I had Young Womens and Marshall and Tyler would normally go to the Meadows' house, but I was going to keep Ty with me because I was not entirely sure what was wrong with him besides the fact that his leg hurt and he wouldn't stop crying.  So I stopped to drop just Marshall off and Tyler became a sobbing mess again because he wanted to go to the Meadows' house too.  Silly boy.

I love this little one and continually wonder what things will be like when he can really communicate the things that are on his mind and why he does the things he does.  He is another "valiant" spirit, just like his brother- so head strong and convicted.  I'm pretty sure meekness is a recessive gene in our family, God bless us.  :)

Happy birthday Tyler.  May your two's be more terrific than terrible.

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