Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Won't Be Stopped

You know... I was worried about Tyler and how he would tolerate his cast.  That first 24 hours had me really nervous.  He hardly slept because it rubbed on his other leg and he didn't do anything but sit.  It was like he was an infant on the verge of crawling all over again, except for this time he was almost two and knew he was able to go wherever he wanted, but just couldn't figure out how.

Within a day he could "crawl," his leg just dragging behind him.  The next day he was walking.  
So here's a look at all the things Tyler can do, in spite of his cast.

He could "drive" the truck while I cleaned it.

He could sit and play with Marshall for hours and hours.

Play with Play-Doh.

Stand right up.

Get his own breakfast.

And take it anywhere in the house.

Play in the sandbox.

Go exploring and Easter Egg hunting.

Play on the playground.
Not only could he climb the stairs and play, 
but he worked really hard to prove that he could climb UP the slide.  
I was bummed to never get a picture of it.

Climb just about anything.
He had managed to climb into this baby walker and was happy to be there.

I love you Tyler.  You independent, persistent little guy.
You should get your cast off right around your birthday.

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