Thursday, April 21, 2011

Presents With Daddy

Since Colby has been working out of town, he wasn't home for Marshall's actual birthday and would be gone at work for Tyler's, so we did presents when he got home tonight.  I love to see them smile before they ever know what they are going to find inside all that wrapping paper.

Tyler got a sleeping bag (that Marshall chose especially for him) so he could have one like Marshall.
Marshall got a bike helmet.  What might he need that for?  ;)

They both seem pleased with their surprises.

Then Daddy rolled something else into the room...

... a super cool big boy bike!

We quickly took it outside for a test drive.

Tyler cracks me up.

Marshall has been so ready for a big bike!  He did so great riding it around.  
He even took it around to show his Grandparents that night and 
did so well navigating from driveway to road and back to driveway.

I think Marshall liked his surprise.

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