Friday, April 22, 2011


We're making progress on our yard, which is very exciting!!!  Colby's family was sweet enough to come help us dig our lines for our sprinklers.  (You'd think a family like ours would have a machine to do this, but it was broken, so we had to do it by hand.  Lame.)  I was the biggest baby out there and complained the most.  When I told Chase about it he told me the world must be coming to an end because his little sisters weren't the biggest complainers.  Haha.

We laid sod the day of the boys' birthday party.  
The goal was to get it done before the party started, but we overlapped just a tiny bit.  
I think a couple of parents weren't sure if they should be dropping their kids off in a work zone.

And here are a couple of trees we planted.  A Southern Live Oak (at top) and a Robe Locust (bottom).  It will be fun to recreate these pictures in a few years to see how much the trees and kids have grown.

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