Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It came.

Since Marshall was fairly young I have resigned myself to the fact that there would come a day (or days) that I would find myself in the Dr.'s office waiting for a cast/stitches/x-rays/etc.  I've always sort of planned on it so I wouldn't be shocked to find myself there.  Well, today was that day.  Really just the first, I'm sure, but we've survived the initial experience and now I'm starting to wonder how the rest of it will pan out.
Tyler is now officially the first of our kids to break a bone.  He got tripped up by a hose yesterday while we were helping Uncle Jon with his Eagle Project and it turns out he broke his tibia.  It is a long, diagonal fracture through the bigger shin bone and I feel so bad for the little guy. 

He was a pretty brave boy while the doctor was checking out his leg and he resisted plenty while he was getting x-rayed, but he was ticked when they started putting the cast on.  He didn't get over that part for a while.  I am so glad I thought to grab his blankie and doggie when we left for the doctor- he held on to those two things quite a bit through the various procedures and sweetly demanded them when his cast was going on.  He's sleeping it all off now, but I'm definitely nervous about the adjustment period we're all going to have to this giant "club" on his leg.  I never thought to mentally prep myself for this part.
Look how sweet he looks... the poor kid spent a good three hours sleeping once we got home from the doctor.  
Get better soon my little one.


  1. Poor kid! Syd had a collar bone incident when I was pregnant with Chase and it took me a week to figure out she wasn't crying because she wanted down.. she was crying because it hurt to be picked up. These things are the hardest part of being a mom. Get better Tyler!

  2. Poor little guy! That is so rough, but he seems to be a little trooper. Hope the adjustment goes well!

  3. Oh man! Colin broke his fibia just before he turned 2. I was surprised that the broken bone incident came so soon in our life:) Before we knew it he was running around with that cast on just like it was another shoe. Didn't even phase him. Hopefully it is the same for Tyler. Good luck!