Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Fever

Our house is starting to look like a home!!!  We've got some stuff planted in front, I've forced myself to buy a little more decor for inside, and I've made a rough plan for our landscaping.  Colby promised sprinklers would be going in within the next few weeks, and if we have any $$$ left over, we'll at least get grass for the front yard.  I am so excited!!!
 Above you will find a couple slightly different angles of the planter along the front of our house.  I just love ranunculus (the yellow flowers), and the people at the first nursery I went to almost told me I was crazy for wanting to get some, but I figured even if they only last a little while, then I'll still be happy.  Then it would be on to the next trial and error planting...  We planted the tangerine crossvines last weekend, and you also see what I think is called sea or pink thrift.  Who knows, I'll go find the tag sometime and give you the official name.  :)

Below are the two containers I filled.  The one on the left has another ranunculus (of course), anemones, a couple herbs and whatever that cute white flowered plant is.  Chances of it being over filled are fairly great, but if it fails, then I'll have one more lesson under my belt.  The pot on the right has a few shade loving plants, since the opportunity to plant shade lovers in our yard is practically non existent.  I'm looking forward the really getting the hang of this in the next few years so I can feel brave enough to invest in more pots and containers for our back patio.
Tyler was my little helper this afternoon getting everything planted while Marshall was at school.  
He may even be cuter than all my new plants...
Since I've been feeling the need to get out and garden I've decided I need to get me some of these shoes.  I've never been a Crocs fan, but I am so on board with these adorable little flats.  I also like the yellow and sky colored ones, but I think I've settled on the navy.  If I don't find them in St. George tomorrow then I'll grab them online.  I love spring!  (Even if my allergies often make me feel like the end of the world is upon me...)


  1. good for you!! and yay for your yard getting a face lift! that is so awesome i cannot wait till i have a yard again!! and that little tyler, now hes such a cutie!!

  2. Yummy plants! I am addicted to all your flowers too, but am too afraid to plant anything lol.. maybe next year I will feel like I can handle it a little better.

  3. Love the flowers! Btw, my Dad has your cd & I think he's going to drop it off for you today or tomorrow. I'll let you know as soon as he knows :)