Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sometimes I Do Dumb Things

Sometimes I do dumb things.  Like:

Open the truck door into my forehead.  I could not believe I did that one.  I just jumped into the truck as fast as I could and fell over so in case I started crying no one would see.  It hurt so bad.

How about the time(s) I order my dinner in the more expensive way just to get the same final product.  I really didn't realize until after I had paid then I put it all together.  The poor girl taking my order the other night started to suggest how I might want to order, but I was sure what I ordered would be better.  Until it wasn't.  It was the same.  (Shouldn't combo/dinner plates always be cheaper than a la carte?)

Oooo.  Oooo.  This one is a doozy.  Procrastinate using the restroom while wearing Spanx.  (A super tight apparatus that holds one's belly tight.)  A girl can only remove so many layers in such a short amount of time.  Rest assured that I "made it."  Just barely though.

The fact that I just told you all about my spandex wearing "dilema."

Along the lines of the first one... leaning over the counter and hitting my head on the upper cupboards.  There's a reason I really only work at the 20% of our kitchen counter that is overhead-cupboard-less.

Somebody please tell me the dumb things they do so I don't feel so challenged.


  1. Today, the hand that was shutting my van door slammed that same hands did I manage that!?

  2. I got out of the car the other day and shut the door with my foot and my thigh got in the way. Massive, massive, purple and black bruise. Now it's purple and green but it was seriously the most painful bruise I have ever had in my life. Shutting the car door on yourself is painful.

  3. I accidentally threw away a $100 bill last fall. It whas the climactic dumb thing in a series of other dumb things. I was complaining about my rotten luck to Alex, and I poured milk all over the table instead of into my cup while complaining.

    I could go for some spandex to cover my baby paunch about now. I can't believe slender beautiful you would even think about it!

  4. I just rode my bike for exercise then came home and had oreos and milk.