Thursday, March 17, 2011

Becoming Domestic Has Ruined My Life

The title of this blog post sounds dramatic, I realize that, but I just wanted to give everyone a fair warning. Domesticity is a slippery slope.  Dangerous waters if you ask me.  Today I have two gripes:

Strawberry Jam:
A few years ago I was given a gift of homemade strawberry freezer jam.  I've always love freezer jam, but this one was beyond incredible.  Whenever I'd ask about the recipe my friend would just answer with, "I just follow the directions on the box."  Well, I've tried it and it never worked out the same.  Until last year when I tried a bunch of different brands and I found the trick.  Use the "less sugar needed" pectin and you'll get to-die-for strawberry jam.  Every time.  The trouble is now... I can't eat any other strawberry jam... it's practically torture.  That, and the fact that I can't eat pancakes without it.

Probably while I was in high school my dad learned from his brother Jeff how to make really yummy home made salsa.  It's so yummy!!!  Well then, my dad married Realaine who also makes a mean salsa.  It's pretty much guaranteed that there's always fresh salsa at their house and I have grown very accustomed to it.  It took me a handful of tries to finally get it about right and now I make it all the time.  It's so simple!  Just canned tomatoes (they're never out of season), a serrano pepper, garlic, green onion and cilantro.  Seriously SO easy! The only problem is that I just can't stand store bought salsa anymore.  It's the worst when I crave it and the store is out of the pepper I need or I'm out of cilantro or something.  So now I'm basically limited to making it myself, only eating the fresh salsa at mexican restaurants, or just going without when I eat at other people's houses.  How lame is that?


  1. not so lame if you ask me, cuz dad's/realaine's salsa is the best salsa i've EVER had. and that strawberry jam is my absolute favorite!!! nothing compares after eating homemade salsa and strawberry jam (preferably not together, though.)

  2. I'll have to make a mental note to only serve fresh salsa when I have you over. (Yes, I said when, we need to invite you guys over sometime). I do have some cilantro growing in my backyard right now.

  3. I feel your pain. Don't perfect a bread recipe. You'll never go back and be stuck making it regularly!

  4. I want the salsa recipe. Down pretty pat too. I have to have detailed instructions or stuff like that will never turn out for me.