Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's So Simple

It is simple things like this that make me so happy about spring.  
Tulips are my favorite... especially in a vase in the house.  
I need a whole garden of tulips so I can have a whole houseful of them.

If I could always have tulips in my home, I would always be happy.


  1. Hooray for spring! I think all spring flowers bring happiness where ever they bloom. It is even more wonderful when you can have them freshly cut in your home.

    It was a long winter, so again...Hooray for spring!

  2. Love spring =) hey I have that same vase! Did you get it from someone when you had your boys? I did!

  3. the tulip became my favorite flower when i saw the logan temple surrounded by red and yellow ones. so pretty.

  4. I love tulips too! I actually went and bought 3 tulip plants so I can have them in my house!!!