Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Slight Fail

About an hour ago (a little after 10 pm) I got off the phone with a dear friend who had some heart breaking news.  I was on the phone with them for a while just trying to grasp it all and figure out how I might possibly be able to help.  I'm so glad my kids understood that I could not exactly help them at that moment.  A little while after hanging up the phone I noticed a great deal of calm in my home.  I got up to investigate and found this...

Marshall crashed on the couch sound asleep.  Notice the sword he was carrying on his back in his shirt and the fact that he's wearing all green.  It was the day to dress up for St. Patty's Day at preschool and my boy really lived it up.  He even wore his camo green rainboots with the airplanes on them.

But where was Tyler?
He had climbed up on Marshall's bed and crashed himself.  And yes, his bum is rather bare.  Don't report me... I tried not to reveal anything but how cute this boy is.  I thought it was funny that he is sleeping on the lower half of the bed.  Maybe I should have taken the picture at a wider angle...
Sorry kids, you were wiped and I was taking too darn long.  Thanks for understanding though, my little ones.


  1. Mmm, I would call two simultaneously napping toddlers at a convenient time for you a major success rather than a slight fail. Hope all comes together in some good way for your friends.

  2. did you panic when it was so quiet? Thats what I do! Cute pictures!