Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Picture :(

I am told Marshall got married today.  Haha.  Talk about epic failure on the part of "professional photographer of the family."  I have no images to remember this day.

We were at playgroup and Tara hurried and told me to look out the window.  What did I find?  Marshall and Ayla holding hands walking across the lawn.  Oh my.  It was so cute and so strange all at once.  The realization of how strange it was is really just starting to sink in.  I'll elaborate in a second.  But just to paint the picture, Ayla was dressed in a pretty white princess dress-up and they looked so adorable together. 

When Marshall came in he told me he married Ayla.  I just smiled and told him I thought it was great.  After a few minutes he told me he that he also married Adalyn.  (Wow!  What a ladies man.)  It was so silly and so cute.  Tara told me Ayla was quick to tell her about it when they got in the car to go home and she was also very eager to tell her daddy.  The second Colter got home Ayla informed him of the sacred union.  Colter's reaction was classic, "Doesn't Marshall know he's supposed to ask me first?"  Whoops.  I guess we haven't taught our son the way things should be done in that department.

Now for the part that is strange to me:  My son has been talking about marrying Ayla for a while now.  (In fact, just the other day Marshall told Aunt Camie that he was going to marry Ayla and they were going to live together again.)  And before that he talked about wanting to marry Addie.  But I never thought much of it because those two are basically the only girls he knew at the time.  Now he knows girls from preschool, but doesn't seem to care much about them...  I always just tell him whoever he marries has to be nice and cute and love Jesus.  It is just sinking in to me now that he actually likes girls and thinks about marrying them.  I know its not anything bad or abnormal, but I just have never thought of what it would be like when Marshall was "in love."  And I definitely never thought it would come at 3 years old.  I guess the thing that's really strange is that Marshall is getting to be a big boy and isn't only worried about where the nearest dirt pile is and whether or not he gets ketchup with his next meal.  I don't know what to think about him getting big.  But I definitely know if I find him kissing those "wives" of his he'll be in big trouble.  With me and their daddies.


  1. Are you surprised?? He's such a cutie, of course the girls are in love with him!!! haha, that's so cute!

  2. I know its a long way off but I think it would be pretty cool if he and Ayla got together!!!

  3. Congratulations to Marshall. All the kids in our pre-school co-op were going to get married, but sadly Grace's fiance moved out of state, so she is left the lone woman. Her prospects are even narrower, since Brycen is her cousin.

  4. I just posted this on my blog. I really wish we had a picture of him and Ayla. We wouldn't mind if things turned out this way at all- in about 17ish years...