Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Weekend

Last weekend was super crazy for us.  We left Thursday for Salt Lake for the State basketball tournament  (the girls finished 6th) and came home Saturday (barely ahead of a big snow storm).  We were home for less than an hour, switched out some dirty clothes for clean ones then made our way to SoCal for a family reunion.  We were able to convince Colby that the kids would be on their best behavior if we spread the trip over one more day and came home Monday.  We dropped Colby off at Willow Beach (the marina on Lake Mojave below Hoover Dam) for work then finally made it home late Monday night.

When we made it to Willow Beach, the first thing we had to do was find Grandpa.
He always has the best ideas and suggested we feed the ducks. 
There were tons of them around and a good handful that were walking around right by us on the boat ramp.
I'm not sure Tyler understood the concept of feeding the ducks.  
1) Getting the food.  2) Eating the food.  3) Making sure he got to eat both handfuls of food.
But after a few minutes he seemed to get the hang of it.  
1) "Oh.  I guess I throw the food to the ducks."  2) "Never mind.  I like this cereal."

A few of the ducks were really friendly and were eating out of our hands. 
Marshall had to be really patient, but this duck finally gave him a try.
What is this?  Tyler eating more of the food?  Haha.  He even had that duck's undivided attention.
After a while we decided to head to the end of the dock to share the food with the other ducks
that were staying in the water.
Tyler is so funny.  He wanted to hold them.  He'll do this when he wants to hold something that he sees in a picture too.  Usually fish or small animals in a book.  He once even did it to a picture of Great Grandpa Stratton.  That one made my heart go all melty.  
He was saying "come here" to the ducks like he does to the neighborhood kitties.
Proof that I was there.  Also proof that you should wear make up on road trips.  Haha.  At least I wasn't in PJs.
This was a really fun, insane trip.  My favorite parts were spending FIVE whole days with Colby, seeing family we haven't seen in a while, and the moment Marshall piped up after 9 hours in the car (on the third day of driving- so really like the 17th hour), "I'm getting tired of this adventure."  The kids were champs the whole time though.  They traveled really well and were happy little campers the whole time.  The worst part of the whole thing was the day after we were home and both boys seemed to finally find an outlet for all of their grouchiness they had been bottling up.  That was OK though, because we were at home and no one else got to see it.


  1. What a fun weekend! I am glad you beat the snow storm and made it home safely at the end.

    I remember feeding ducks when I was little. What a fun memory for your kids to have!

  2. How fun! I love all the pictures of Tyler feeding the ducks (and himself). What a pill! Gosh! You have got some cutie-patootie kiddos, Andrea! And you are brave to go from SLC to SoCal!

  3. You guys look so happy in that last family picture!