Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Colby has Turned "Almost Old"

I may be a day late on the blog, but we've been celebrating "the Old Man's" birthday for a few days now.  Yesterday (Colby's actual birthday), Grandma asked Marshall if he knew who's birthday it was and when we told him it was Daddy's he just acted like we were weirdos because it had already been Daddy's birthday for a few days already.

Celebrations began with an Avatar : The Last Airbender marathon.  In an effort to be a good wife I just allowed it to happen and went on with my life as if I didn't have a husband or children.  They were "sucked in" from Thursday night until Monday when they finished all three books (seasons in normal person language).  There was no work done inside or out on behalf of our family's celebrations. 
Saturday we had a BBQ with some great friends in St. George and went swimming.  Then we came home and got started on dinner: borsch, Colby's fave from his mission.  We invited our cousins David and Allie to come down and share in the joy and luckily they liked it!  Or at least they told us they did. 
Whether they did or not, we finished feasting on a new family favorite recipe- Banana Bars with Brown Sugar Frosting.  (Allie- I included the link for David's benefit)  The cake was good but the frosting was SOOOOOOO good.  Here's Marshall enjoying what didn't make it on the cake.  I think we all could have just sat and ate the frosting all night.  It was a brown sugar cream cheese butter cream and I'm going to be making that stuff for years to come.
When Sunday rolled around we celebrated with family and we gave Colby his presents early because he was going to be gone for work starting Monday.  But when Monday morning came, he decided to stay home on behalf of Marshall going in to the surgery center for some dental work.  We chose to have him put to sleep for the work so that it wasn't a major battle of wills.  We had been advised to be prepared for one ornery kid once it was all over since anesthesia affects kids in all kinds of weird ways.  It was nice to have Colby there because he is Marshall's best buddy and I really think it helped Marshall handle it all with no problem whatsoever.  (I attribute his good behavior to that and the blessing he received the night before.)

So then, since we weren't done in St. George until 3 or so Colby decided he'd just go down to work in the morning instead of that night.  I started feeling bad because he was now going to be home on his birthday (even though it was only going to be in the wee morning hours) and he didn't have anything to open or enjoy on his birthday.  So I made a last minute call to some of our best friends and the Barton family came over for Root Beer Floats on Monday night. 

I'd say Colby had a weekend full of love and celebration that should last him into these last couple years of his 20's.  It's slowly creeping away... and the effects of age are starting to settle in.  (I chose the picture at the top for the way it really shows off the silver highlights in Colby's hair.  Not only is he going gray, but he's also thinning out.  And I'm not talking about around his mid-section.  *wink wink*  Who needs hair anyway?)

We all love you Colby.  I'm sure you know that!  And in case you didn't, we'll be celebrating this Friday with my family too!

Happy birthday!!!

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  1. of course borsch is a fav at our house too, thanks to the mission. :) and Leif would be so proud you didn't put a "t" on the end. I'm sad I've been missing playgroup so much lately. hope Marshall's surgery went well.